As i mentioned in my last post Owner received the all-clear from the doctors a few days ago. It really did come as a great relief to us both and we had been waiting over 6 weeks to hear. The intervening period saw some of my usual domestic routines take a bit of a dive as we spent a lot of time in the evenings snuggled up on the sofa watching DVDs - lovely times but it did mean that some of my expected learning and development fell by the wayside (no Spanish, knitting, sewing etc got done).

Owner has very kindly offered to extend the period of the current phase of my development to allow me to get back on track now that things are back on a more normal keel in our lives. It has also been a month of travelling as well, some of which necessitated time away from Owner which was hard. It was my Mum's 70th birthday and i took her and my sister away for a few days to the Amalfi coast in Italy. It was lovely place to visit and my mum had a wonderful time. However, i don't like being apart from Owner and missed Her terribly. Hopefully one day just the two of us will be able to go back. Here are a couple of quick photos from that trip:

Owner and i did, however, manage to go on a little trip away ourselves this weekend just gone to Glasgow. We went to see a concert (Nick Cave) but also spent three days exploring the city which neither of us had visited before. We had a really relaxed and enjoyable time together and also got upto a bit of kinkiness as i recalled in my last entry. Owner permitted me to orgasm twice, on both occasions as She spanked my clitty hard. The first time She used a leather fly-swat that She purchased for just such a purpose on another of our travels and the second-time She used the flat of Her palm to spank my clit whilst Her other hand explored my wet pussy. Spanking my clitty hard whenever She allows me to orgasm seems to have become one of the new norms for Owner, i must say that painful as it is, i love it and become quite vocal - something She also encourages Her 'slutty wife' to be! :)

Owner also had one other surprise treat for me in the form of a full glass of Her warm, fresh golden wine (piss) that She presented to me and which i eagerly downed in one. Owner now seems to enjoy having me drink Her urine as much as i relish the opportunity to drink it.  Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from our trip:
Cheers! Glass of Owner's special wine downed in one
Owner's favourite clitty spanking leather fly-swat
 me posing
Glasgow City Centre
Glasgow Central Station
Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow River Clyde
Whilst we were away Owner continued to choose all of my meals for me when we ate out for lunch and dinner each day. This is something that has now definitely become firmly established as another small example of Her control over my and my submission to Her. A seemingly simple but significant act, rendering menus pointless for me.

As well as this travel the past couple of months have also been quite busy ones for me with work and i have had to travel quite a bit within England to different meetings etc. Owner has remarked that of late i have become less of the stay-at-home wife (i normally work from home) that She is used to and enjoys me being. i too like to be at home for Owner so that i can walk Her to work in the morning and collect Her at the end of the day and do some domestic chores for Her during the day. As Her wife i know that Owner should be able to have me at home where i belong more than has been the case of late and that i need to cut down my work travel. This is something i need to address.

i hope that this finds all my readers well and hopefully you should start seeing my blogging return to its normal frequency!


Mistress Marie said...

Very happy all is going well and Yay for the all clear. And for Owner embracing sharing her pee with you too. I am looking forward to all the possibility now that David and I are moving in together in 2 day. After 3.5 years of weekends and living in 2 states this is amazin. I'm sure you will get back on track with the normal duties but the nice part is when Needed if two kinksters are truly in love and meant for each other you can take a partial break and have more vanilla times together as life happens.

I have a queation. When you go away with your family or are with your family are you still dresses fem and make up etc? Or do you have to go back to a more manly apprearance?

Happy pet said...

Dear Mistress Marie - thank you so much for your comment and i truly hope your move goes well(have been following the countdown to it in your blog posts) and wish you and David many, many happy years together.

Thanks also for your question, and what a good one! Has given me an idea for a future blog post. Though 95% of my wardrobe is now feminine my look is more of an androgynous one in that i rarely wear skirts out. So when visiting my Mum or my Dad i still tend to wear the same blouses, jeans, shoes etc that i normally do when out with Owner or at work. i also always wear my collar and sometimes have make-up on too, nails discretely painted etc though if i am staying over i don't bother bringing any make-up to re-do the next day. Not sure why i don't always wear it with them, guess i don't want to embarrass them. However, both have separateley commented at times on how feminine i can sometimes look (which is fine by me and doesn't seem to bother them - i once had an interesting conversation with my Dad over a drink about him exploring his feminine side in his later years too!). My mum and my sister have both bought me clothes that are regular (i.e. t-shirts, blouses etc) albeit from a women's department/store.

With Owners parents it is slightly different. There i don't wear my collar (have to take off for flight security anyway) and it is there that the few remaining male tops i have get brought out, though coupled with women's jeans, shoes, coat etc. i also still wear my rings and necklaces and ear-rings but never make-up.

i guess my reason is that i don't want to cause Owner to feel uncomfortable about me with Her parents. She first met me not as a cross-dresser/transvestite and has been incredibly supportive, accepting and encouraging of me exploring my femme side, albeit within certain limits. So in Spain i am more male, albeit quite an accessorised one!