Some of you may be wondering what has happened with the current stage of my training and development by Owner. You may recall that Owner set out Phase 4 of Her 'Plin, Plan, Plon' - what She calls my training and development programme - just before Christmas. It was due for review in April this year to assess whether or not, in Her judgement, i had made sufficient progress to move onto the next level of development as Her wife.

With Owners earlier health scare and a couple of other things happening in 'real life' Owner kindly agreed to extend the period in which She expects me to complete the plan. In Her own words;

'the plin plan plon, which should have been completed by now it is not completed and will have to be extended. It will be extended until Owner is happy with every area. I am understanding of the situation and I don't want to make this plan to be ruled only by deadlines. Pet's development is the most important part of this plan and if more time is required to implement all the learning this is not a problem'.

i have now completed most of the outstanding items and Owner has given me a series of deadlines throughout June in which to complete the last ones. We then go on holiday for a fortnight and so it will be mid-July when Owner will make a decision as to whether i can proceed to the next level of my training and, if so, what that will involve. i am extremely grateful to Owner for granting me this extension and i hope to prove myself worthy of further training by Her.

In the meantime, i am in receipt of a punishment from Owner for three instances in which i did not meet Her expected standards when it came to meal preparation. Knowing how much i enjoy wearing make-up and feminine clothes Owner has decreed that, as from tomorrow, i will be forbidden to do so for a period of two weeks. i know that i have done wrong and i thank Owner for Her punishment and will work hard to ensure that there is no repetition of my misdemeanour. Owner has rules and expectations She expects me to follow at all times. i know what these are and, therefore, there is no excuse for failing to comply with them. i am truly sorry.


Mistress Marie said...

Shame you earned a punishment but I am sure it will help you learn to be better! I can't wait to find out about your next phase and what it will entaiL!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie and i hope Owner judges me ready to be further trained as Her wife.