This morning Owner provided Her wife with a wonderful ruined orgasm. First She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator and had yours truly play with my own little clitty before She rubbed Herself against it with Her wet pussy and vibrator. She then applied Her vibrator to the head of my clitty and then withdrew it and re-applied it to Herself just as my little clit got over-excited and spasmed helplessly into thin air.

Then after breakfast as i was completing my morning exercises Owner again left me with a delicious glass of Her pee to down when i had finished. i was quite worn out by the time i had completed my exercises and so it was with great delight that, once again, i was able to down Owners wonder fluid in one. We have now agreed that we will always keep a glass next to the toilet so that Owner has a glass to hand whenever She feels like having Her wife drink Her piss.

Next we headed out (it was another lovely day here in London) to Greenwich Park. Owner requested that i complete another challenge. We have a little routine for this which comprises me drawing a challenge out of a bag full of slips of paper, each of which contains a challenge which is always hanging from the door of our fridge (no idea why it is there). it is a kind of lucky dip - neither of us ever knows quite what i will end up having to do. Anyway, today i drew out a 'wearing a dress in public challenge' (yippee!). Owner suggested we should complete it in the park and that i should wear my wedding dress without wearing either panties or shoes. You can see how i got on below, it was great fun to do!
posing in front of the spring blossom
look, no panties or chastity!
It was a wonderful photo shoot to complete and Owner congratulated me on how i did not appear shy at all and happily stripped off and got changed in the park, albeit with a little difficulty, as you can see below
struggling to remove my panties!
Photo shoot completed we then continued on for a lovely walk, which included a pit stop for ice cream and then later for cider/beer and people watching. It really was a wonderful day.


Mistress Shayna said...

Seems like you're a very lucky sissy. I hope you show your appreciation each and every day.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Shanya, i am indeed extremely lucky and i do indeed try to show my appreciation to my Owner every day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, i love the idea of a "challenge jar" :) :)
You look so nice in the park.
If i could get Wife interested in supply me Her pee, i'd love that glass by the toilet idea too!!