i was completely thrilled to receive the following communication from Owner yesterday evening:

Dear pet

I know declare Plin Plan Plon IV
[my current training and development programme] completed.

Please note that your grade has gone down from Very Good to Good, this is due to the number of punishments you accrued during the term. I trust that if you were invited to join a new phase of the programme you would endeavour to rectify this situation. 

If such a plan were to be put in place Owner would like to know:

  1. why you qualify as a candidate
  2. how you will try to avoid making the same mistakes
  3. how you will be taking responsibility for your own development
  4. what are your main objectives for the next 6 month

 I expect a response by Friday 7 of August.


Owner was extremely generous and lenient in grading me as 'good' considering that i accrued a number of punishments - mostly related to sloppy meal preparation. These meant that i spent most of June barred from wearing make-up or feminine clothes as punishment - a deserved lesson and one i really hope not to have to repeat.

i have submitted my application to Owner to be considered for further training by Her and now can only hope that She looks favourably on this and consents to letting me be further trained as Her submissive wife.

Needless to say i am currently thrilled, nervous, apprehensive and excited!