Monday is my birthday when  i hit the grand old age of 47, unfortunately i will be spending the day at work (with a whole series of meetings). However, as i won't have much time to celebrate on the day itself Owner has turned the whole weekend over to a birthday celebration with a series of birthday treats for Her wife.

First off was on Friday when i was still working (albeit from home) and in the midst of a conference call when Owner placed a wine glass down in front of me filled with Her delicious piss. She didn't need to say a word as  continued my call whilst eagerly gulping down Her wine, it was delicious as always. However, that was not the only drink i got to enjoy that day. In the evening we had to go to see Owner's specialist. Afterwards we went to a nearby restaurant to share a gluten-free pizza and salad and Owner permitted me to order a bottle of beer as well to have with my food. Owner's piss and alcohol in one day, the weekend was shaping up to be a good one.

Yesterday morning Owner helped me to research a new padded bra to buy online from Little Women. i am a 38AAA and this is a great little shop to find bras in that and other small sizes. Owner picked out the Bree bra style for me and then paid for it Herself as a pre-birthday treat. i can't wait for it to arrive so i can try it on.

After an early lunch Owner accompanied me shopping and permitted me to buy some new clothes. First off was my present from Her mother. Owner picked out a lovely coat for me, She had been told to buy me something by Her mum and this pretty coat from Uniqlo is simply beautiful. You can see me modelling it below - we sent this picture to Owners mum who agreed it is muy bonita!
new jacket
Whilst we were shopping we discovered a new shop called Missguided which i would whole-heartedly recommend, this is me getting a little over-excited next to their window display. It is full of the kind of women's clothes i adore - trashy but with attitude. How i would love to work there!

To calm me down from my retail excitement Owner then treated me to ice cream and then it was off to do some more shopping. Owner permitted me to buy some knickers and a new blouse and jumper from H&M with some vouchers i had received. By now we were fading a little and so we went for tea and coffee before heading home
still excited from my shopping exploits 
My treats continued today. Owner permitted me to go with Her to the garden centre and allowed me to buy some plants (something that always delights me) for the pretty little container garden i am creating outside the front of our flat.
heading back from the garden centre with my purchases
When we got home Owner made me a hot chocolate for me to enjoy when i had finished planting my purchases, as you can see from my face it was delicious
enjoying the hot chocolate Owner made for me
Next Owner presented me with Her birthday presents for me - this was a real surprise as Owner had already told me that She was going to take me away at the start of February for one night to a hotel with a private rooftop hot-tub for us to enjoy (and lots of opportunities for bikini etc photoshoots) - so i wasn't expecting more presents. Owner presented me with a little box which contained a beautiful pair of pink ruby silver stud earrings. They are gorgeous and are now adorning my ears (you can see one of them in situ below).
pink ruby silver earring
We're now settling down to watch a movie. It really has been a wonderful birthday weekend. Owner has treated me like a princess with lots of treats but i am delighted to also report that i still completed my chores and duties and even baked a cake to take into my work meeting tomorrow. Now i can't wait until we go away and i can splash about in my bikini!


susanrhodes said...

Happy Birthday!!
Sounds like an awesome weekend,and i can tell by your style of writing that you really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to share.

That Bras is so cute, i am so jealous i may have to get one myself!!

look forward to the pictures.


Happy pet said...

Many thanks Susan, it was indeed a lovely weekend. We both commented that it felt like the first 'normal' weekend we have spent together for a while due to illness and one thing or another.

Yes the bra looks divine and i can't wait for it to arrive.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,

You have been spoiled rotten you lucky pet, always great to have a glass of champagne :)


sissy steph

Happy pet said...

Many thanks sissy Steph and spolit i was, always wonderful to have Owners champagne.


Anonymous said...

p- Happy birthday!! Thank you for the lovely bra link! i've been wearing an A-cup, but perhaps i should go smaller :) ~sara

Happy pet said...

Hi sara and thank you for your best wishes. i too used to use an A or a AA but find the AAA is the best fit, it is great that they have so many small sizes available and the service is very good too.