It may be winter outside but Owner and i have just returned from a wonderful hot, wet and steamy 24hours in the ever amazing city in which we live. Owner took me away for a belated birthday celebration to a hotel in Bermondsey in London, close to London Bridge and The Shard, called the Bermondsey Square Hotel. Owner booked us into a top floor suite which had an outdoor hottub which afforded fabulous views towards the London Eye and equally fabulous opportunities for yours truly to prance about in my heels and bikini.

If there is one thing that i really can't resist then that is an opportunity to wear not a lot outside, be photographed just wearing heels and lingerie in a hotel corridor, put on a dress or generally just try to act the tart that i am at heart. It was an absolutely wonderful 24hours. Owner also let me have an alcoholic drink when we out on Saturday evening and She chose a wonderful meal for me to have in the restaurant.

This morning She even permitted me to choose my own breakfast and we followed that off with another refreshing dip in the hottub before doing some more cultural activities in the Fashion and Textile Museum and then at the White Cube Gallery (wonderful exhibition entitled Walhalla by Anselm Kiefer).

This video by Owner (and what a great video editor She is) shows some of the highlights from our short stay.

The build-up to our trip was equally exciting. i was working from home on Friday and so was wearing this 'dress down Friday' outfit.
Shortly after this shot was taken our neighbour rang the doorbell and so she too got to see me in my tights and shorts with a blouse and my 'breasts' from my new padded bra. She seemed momentarily surprised by my outfit but she didn't say anything, neither did the supermarket delivery driver when he called came later to delivery our groceries - though he did offer to give me a hand up the stairs with them :) - they never normally do that. Owner also permitted me to wear my heavy metal butt plug in my 'pussy' for two hours in the day whilst i was working.

It was a wonderful prelude to the fun and games on the hotel balcony the following day. Readers will be relieved to know (ha, ha!) though that underneath all my various outfits i remained safely locked up in chastity. My new 'nano' device has been in situ without a break for almost a month now (i will post a review shortly) and it has now been almost six months since i last had an orgasm. i am genuinely loving my locked and denied life.

Hope you liked the video.


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