We are now a two-tier punishment household. In our lounge there is a pot that Owner received as a gift and which, for quite some time, sat unused on the kitchen windowsill. It now has a new lease of life in our lounge as the 'instant punishment pot'. It contains about 20 or so hand written punishment cards each of which contains a single instant punishment. They are varied but comprise punishments such as being spanked X number of times, standing in a corner for X period, having X number of clamps attached for X period of time etc, etc. In short, short sharp punishments for minor misdemeanours on my part.

Owner recently also decided that a condition of me being permitted to sit and watch TV with Her in the evening (when i could instead be doing something useful) is that i need to ocassionally also pick and complete an instant punishment card. It is not that Owner does not enjoy having me watch TV  with Her, it is just a recognition that this is a treat for me and that i should thus be punished for the privilege. Last night, for example, i drew a card that required me to stand with my hands on my head facing the wall for 20 minutes. The other night the card i picked that required that my clit be decorated with 10 clamps for 20 minutes, as you can see below
Owner has now also introduced a second tier of punishments for those situations when i really annoy Her or piss Her off, which unfortunately can and does sometimes happen - most commonly when She finds some food that has expired that i have not dealt with. Well these punishments are different from the 'instant' ones. They have now been placed into a bag that hangs from our fridge and when/if (and sadly it will be a case of when) i have to complete one i will have to draw it at random from the bag. The list consists of 6 different punishments:
- recycle an item of my clothing
- give £20 from my monthly allowance to Owner (my allowance is £100 a month so that would make quite a dent)
- wear no make-up for a week (i wear make-up daily)
- wear no jewelry for a week (i do like my bling)
- wear men's underwear for a week (the horror - actually this would require me to buy some as i only have one emergency pair for use when i go to the doctors all the rest of my knickers are just that, pretty knickers)
- no alcoholic drinks for a month (i drink much less than i once did -now perhaps once/twice a month now that Owner decides whether i can drink or not)

More generally i am pleased to report that i have been getting back into my old groove the past few weeks and hopefully i am back to being the housewife/sub that Owner both desires and deserves. There is still a lot of shit going on here in the UK and the world at large but i am trying to just focus on my role as Owners submissive slut and to be less distracted or obsessed by politics and the news. i am still political but i had got the balance wrong and was not focussing enough on Owner or my submission to Her. i feel much happier in myself to being back doing the things Owner expects and deserves to get from me.

i leave you with a gratuitous shot taken today by Owner of me cleaning our kitchen (and yes i am always without panties at the end of the day :) )


Anonymous said...


so glad the game has resumed, happy punishment.

Thanks for blog recommended, i had seen it previously but forgot name. Remember a post when they played with another couple who were more sadistic and masochistic - another great blog to go with this one. thank you kindly.



Happy pet said...

Thanks sissysteph


Andrea Jayne said...

Love your blog! My Mistress and i are just starting out on our relationship journey and i'm blogging it. Please have a look at my musings page.


Feel free to make comments / follow.


Andrea-Jayne x

Happy pet said...

Thank you so much Andrea Jones and i love your blog.