Owner has come up with a wonderful idea, namely to have the date of our wedding and my status as Her 'wife' permanently etched around my left breast. Owner has always been interested in Roman history and the Latin language and so She has devised an outline idea for a tattoo which comprises the date we got married in Roman numerals, the Latin word for wife 'uxor' and laurel leafs to mark the achievement of my becoming Her legal wife. i think it is a wonderful idea! The plan is for me to have the tattoo around my left breast. We have made an appointment next month with the tattooist to discuss the design and agree a date to get it done.  What do you think of the design?
The tattoo will add to the those i already have that symbolise aspects of Owner and my relationship. These are as follows:
  • A serpent on my right hip in the shape of the initial of Owner's first name
  • An old fashioned key on my right hip indicating Her ownership of me and my state of enforced sexual denial (whether in chastity or not)
  • A cat on my left shoulder indicating that i am Her playful 'pet'
  • A princess crown on my right ankle as a symbol of my femininity
  • A half-moon ankle chain on my left ankle, again symbolising my femininity
i am really thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity to add my status as Owners wife to my body. i have two other old tattoos which date back to before Owner and i got together but the remainder all have great significance for us.

One day i would also love to add to my tattoo collection with a 'tramp stamp' above my buttocks, to mark my status as Owners' slut, two pretty bows at the back of my thighs - because i think such tattoos look pretty and beautiful, a permanent collar/necklace tattoo and something small and cute behind my ear that overtly marks me out as Her property.

i would also love to have permanent make-up tattoos done but that, as they say, is another story!


Lucianathais said...

Hola amiga.. haz avandazo mucho cada día se materializa más tus sueños muchas felicidades me gustaría conocer tu historia desde el comienzo ain perder un solo detlle no sabes como hasta siento una envidia sana de la relación que llevas... Te admiro te envío mucho amor mucha buena energía y mis mejores deseos

Anonymous said...

I love it as it is very appropriate. Your other tats sound quite interesting too. Would you consider making a post to share pics of all your devotional tattoos?

Happy pet said...

Muchas gracias mi amiga Lucianathais. Soy muy afortunado. Mi Dueña es fantastica.


Hi Wifey - i have asked Owner if She could take some photos for me to do a little blog post about my devotional tattoos. Nice idea, thanks for suggesting.