Regular readers of this blog will know that Owner likes to use dice to decide things such as whether or not i will be released from chastity or what type of task/challenge i need to undertake when working from home. The dice are large blank ones that allow Owner to write on the face of each with the instructions that She has chosen should the dice land on that face.

You will also have read in my last post that recently i have not been able to work from home as often as i would like to. Well, now Owner has introduced a new dice that i will have to roll every working day when i am not working from home i.e. i am in the office or at a conference etc.

The new dice has been loaded with a set of instructions that i need to obey should the dice land on that face when it gets rolled. These new instructions are as follows:

  1. Eat dinner wearing a blindfold
  2. Be gagged for the duration of an episode of a TV series
  3. Be tied to a chair whilst watching an episode of a TV series
  4. Cook dinner wearing only hold-ups and my furry-tailed butt plug
  5. Receive 50 strokes of the cane
  6. Be spanked 100 times using the leather paddle
So, we now have a fourth dice that will be being used whenever i am not working from home. i never knew dice would one day feature so prominently in my life!


Sissy Kaaren said...

Number 4 just makes me crazy!!!! If it wasn't for the cage I'd have closed my eyes and pictured this and sprayed sissy cream everywhere!!!! I guess that's why she keeps it locked!!!
Number 5....I couldn't do it....I enjoy a spanking and a caning too but I rarely last more than six with the cane before I'm begging for mercy...the most I have ever....ever ever....been able to take is a dozen!!!!
Number 6....Somehow the paddle is different and I can last quite a bit longer although she mostly stops before I have cried mercy...
I pitched the whole dice idea to her back when you first posted about it and she gave me a flat out "No"....she said she would do what she wanted, when she wanted and how she no element of chance for me....but I'll live it vicariously through your posts!!!!
Kisses and hugs

Happy pet said...

Hi sissy kaaren - number 4 is one of the ones that i am hoping i might get a few times! That said, with the other dice if Owner senses a pattern emerging then She simply changes what's written on them :).

i can take a caning but if i haven't had one for a while (and i haven't) then i can and do struggle. i used to find that once i got past about 20 i could start to process pain into 'pleasure' - but before that number it just hurts...a lot. We shall see.

The paddle Owner uses is a leather cat-shaped ones that has glass 'eyes' embedded into it. They can hurt, especially if Owner accidentally 'misses'.

i am sorry that your pitch to your Wife was unsuccessful but the beauty of our relationships is that we are all in unique partnerships and what works or is agreed in one partner might never be entertained by others. For example, i can't ever imagine Owner wanting me to have breasts but i suspect that is still something your wife might re-visit with you?

Annyway, i will keep you posted on how i get on with the dice!