Owner has devised another wonderful tattoo design to have permanently etched on my body as a gift from Her to me and as a token of Her ownership of me. The design is a play on Her pet name for me, the one by which She frequently refers to me, namely 'Petunio'. Neither of us can quite recall why or when Owner first started calling me this but She has done so for many years. Thus, it is appropriate that my new tattoo will incorporate this name and the flower, the petunia, it derives from. This is the design Owner has created
i think it is beautiful and i cannot wait to be etched with it. The tattoo will be placed on my inner left thigh. All that is needed now is to confirm the appointment time. i am very excited and very honoured to have another symbol of Her ownership of me permanently marked onto my body. 

i currently have 8 other tattoos on my body, 6 of which were designed by Owner and which symbolise an aspect of our relationship together. These six are:
  1. The date of our wedding in 2018 and the word 'wife' in Latin - Uxor - tattooed around my left breast
  2. A cat tattooed on my left shoulder symbolising my status as Owner's pet
  3. An old-fashioned skeleton key tattooed on my left hip symbolising my state of chastity
  4. An ankle bracelet with a  half crescent tat toed on my left ankle and foot which symbolises my femininity
  5. A serpent tattooed on my right hip whose Celtic origin references Owners' ancestry whilst the S shape is the first letter of Her name and can also be read as a symbol of my submission
  6. A princess crown on my right ankle - again a symbol of my femininity and of my 'little princess' tendencies
My two remaining tattoos pre-date Owner and my relationship and have no significance


sissie billie said...

It's nice to have things that show the connection in a relationship and it seems that these body markings are a powerful symbol of connection. it's also really nice to see that these tattoos have a real individual meaning and reason for that connection.

I'm assuming that your tattooist is aware of your chastity? as it will be difficult to hide while you are having that inked on your inner thigh, or is your Madam going to let you out for tattoo session?

Kind Regards

billie xxx

Happy pet said...

Hi sissie billie - yes you are right they are great symbols of the connection Owner and i have and each is super special. i have been in chastity when tattooed previously. My last two inkings were done by a male tattoist and the last time he leant on my crotch by mistake and must have 'felt' something unusual.

As you say this time there will be no hiding my knickers with this ipcomign one. It is a different salon i am booked into this time with an all female crew. i reckon they have seen pretty much everything so am sure my panties won't cause a stir - though the strange outline visible through them might! I guess that if asked i will just have to say that it is a chastity device.

Am getting done the day after the July chastity dice roll so it will be that (courtesy of the choices Owner has loaded it with) which will decide whether i am locked or not. So in short, i won't know until about 12 hours before whether i will be inked whilst in chastity or not....!


Happy pet said...

p.s. - just to update, the tattooist asked if i could come in two days early to accomodate an international client. i agreed. This means that i will be tattooed before the chastity dice is next rolled. Therefore, i will be in chastity when i get done.