i was reminded this weekend how, no matter how much we may all fork out small fortunes for the latest disciplinary or other implement to hit the market, sometimes cheap and cheerful everyday items can trump them every time. Owner and i went away for the weekend and as we were staying with relatives did not take along any of the usual toys that Owner likes to inflict on me (and if i'm being honest i love too!). However, this morning when we had some time to ourselves Owner soon had me wriggling and moaning in painful ecstasy courtesy of three items that together probably cost little more than a pound. The items in question were two elastic hairbands and a plastic hairbrush. Owner wrapped one hair band through each of my pierced nipples and then pulled them tight and taught and tied them off to each other, before commencing to pluck and play with them. Meanwhile, She used the plastic hairbrush to devastating affect on my testicles, slapping and scratching and generally giving them a good old beating. It was one of the most 'intensely experienced' testicle and nipple torture experiences i have had for a while, and all using cheap everyday items. In these credit-crunched times it is worth remembering that cheap can be extremely effective!

Meanwhile, no further mention has been made by my family of the infamous 'list' i emailed to them (see previous post) - and i'm certainly not about to raise it with them, so let's hope the matter can quietly die away and my embarrassment with it. Although this evening, whilst putting out the recycling in my skirt and blouse, i did rather surprise my neighbour when she came out to do the same and saw me so attired. i do get the sense that i'm probably the only male in the neighbourhood who dresses fem. Mind you, it could have been worse, at least i wasn't wearing my frilly pink, backless and extremely short maid's outfit!


Owen said...

May I inquire where you got your counters in your sidebar? My Mistress wants me to have one on our blog

Happy pet said...


Happy to. If you go into your account and then to the 'add gadget' section in 'layout'. Then in the search function within 'add gadget' enter either 'countup' or 'countdown' and it should bring up a few options. Then just select and enter the info as required.


Mistress160 said...

Hair ties are soooo useful ... We both have long hair so there are always lots around ... must make a note of what you got up to and inflict it on sol :)