Owner and i have just returned from our short trip to Munich and Bavaria. We both had a great time and i ate lots of sausages and we both enjoyed 'sampling' the local beer :). We were both quite impressed by Munich and also enjoyed a trip out to Hohenschwangua to see Hohenschwangua and Neuschwanstein castles.

Of course, there was also time for a small amount of posing by me on the trip as well (although we both completely forgot to have me wear my princess crown when we visited the castles - only remembering on the way back when it was too late). Anyway, you can see a selection of photos from the trip below.

First some 'tourist' shots:
Marienplatz - Central Munich

English Garden - Central Munich
Petersplatz - Central Munich
Inside The Residenz - Central Munich
Hohenschwangua Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle
Then of me posing
Trying to look 'elegant' in the Residenz
Posing like a tart
Showing off my new 'Kiss Me Deadly' cincher - one of my birthday presents from Owner
We returned early this week and i was then lucky enough to be able to get the tattoo done that Owner had chosen for me for my birthday present. We are both really thrilled with it . The tattoo was done at Tattoo A Go Go near Liverpool Street station in London and i would recommend it to others. It obviously still needs to heal but this is what it looked like a few hours after the tattooist had finished her work
just after removing the protective wrap - you can see the pink infill on the design more clearly on this picture
tattoo close-up though the pink is less obvious in this photo
As Owner says, i now have my own princesses crown! We're both really pleased with the result.


The other me said...

As a matter of interest did the tattooist make any comments about your choice of tattoo? I love it ... as I've told you before.

Happy pet said...

TOM - no she didn't make any comments at all and was perfectly lovely about the whole thing.

Owner chose the design and then we emailed it over to them beforehand to arrange the appointment. i chose that particular parlour as it is an all-woman run one and it was also where i had got my belly button pierced previously. My other tattoos have been done in traditional (and quite male)parlours but tattoo-a-go-go felt a better choice for this one.

I went on my own and the tattooist was very friendly, chatty and professional. Don't let the designs of severed penis's she has displayed amongst examples of her work up on the wall put you off!