This weekend is barely 3/4 of the way through and it is already turning into a little classic. Yesterday Owner and i were once again out and about in town on a mission to complete another of my outdoor dildo deep-throat challenges. This time our objective was to have me perform in front of the 'Gherkin' building in London's financial heart. Personally i think the building looks more like a dildo than a gherkin - but then i guess my mind is wired slightly differently than some of my fellow citizens of this great city. Anyway, enough of my ramblings here you can see how i got on:

the Gherkin - or is it a dildo?
i say, what is that person doing?
oh i see, enjoying a big cock
Our photographic mission completed we then retired to one of our favourite hostelries for a couple of drinks and to people watch (one of our favourite activities) and gossip.

This morning saw me being tied up naked to a chair in our lounge wearing nothing except a pair of red heeled shoes. Owner then proceeded to abuse my titties and my unlocked clitty, using the latter as a sex toy to pleasure Herself with after first having delivered 30 spankings to my exposed 'bits' for the pleasure of being allowed to sniff Her used and aromatic knickers. Having satiated Her desires and left me with aching bits Owner then did something i have long fantasised about, we have often discussed but never, until now done. Yes, Owner had me swallow Her delicious urine - or more specifically She peed into a plastic bottle and then squirted some of the contents into my mouth, after i had swallowed the first, mouthful She then filled my mouth up again and then again for one final time.

i loved having the opportunity to be allowed to drink Owners wonderful wine and She seemed to equally enjoy having me drink from Her 'cup'. After providing me with Her light refreshments Owner then tightly bound my clitty and teased and caressed it before then permitting me to cum like a slut as i sat helplessly tied in the chair. It was a really wonderful way to start our Sunday. Here are a couple of photos.


The other me said...

That is a lovely day that you describe. I do wish I had an owner who would make me do such things. Sadly I have to either pay for a session or pretend I'm being forced to do things :-)

One of the things I want to experience is drinking a Womans Wine. I did once take a plastic bottle of my own pee on a run and when stopped, together with two women, waiting for a traffic light to change I took a few tentative sips from it. To be honest it wasn't that nice but there was something erotic about drinking it next to the two women ... I know, I'm wierd :-)

Keep up the adventures, and I do love your princess tattoo.

Happy pet said...

TOM - thanks and yes i am very lucky indeed to have such a wonderful partner and Owner. i hope that one day you might find someone too.


Anonymous said...

Good thing there aren't security cameras there (heh, heh)!
So i found your first pee-drinking post :) Too bad Mistress didn't include Her bottle in the pic. sara e