Every weekday morning that i am at home and She is not i message Owner to seek her permission for what to wear etc. In these messages i also have a particular way in which i refer to myself namely as 'slutty pet'.  Anyway, we have recently had to have a door replaced at home and we had a builder come and do the work for us because i am useless at DIY and, even if i wasn't, i am still on crutches.  Anyway, this morning i messaged Owner shortly after She left the flat. In the message i referred to myself as 'slutty pet' and also said that i was seeking Her permission to wear a white skirt and knickers and my blue blouse that day. Except, i hadn't messaged Owner. i had instead replied to the last message i had received on Whatsapp - which was from the builder! Oops. Luckily the work was completed and so i did not have to deal with the added shame of later seeing him again in person.

This episode also reminded Owner and i of some other famous or infamous occasions in which i have, how shall i put this, slightly embarrassed myself by sendign something to the wrong person/people. For example the time many years ago when, in response to my families annual request for a list of things i want for Christmas, i accidentally sent a list of 'fun' items i was hoping to suggest to Owner we might get, you know, butt plugs etc to my family instead. Not quite the list i think my mum was anticipating she would receive!

Or there was the time when i accidentally emailed a work colleague (who happens to share the same name and thus a very similar work email address) a copy of the draft of one of my short stories that i meant to send to myself from my home email in order to be able to edit it on a forthcoming train journey. To say the story was not safe for work would be an understatement. He claimed he didn't read it when i emailed back and explained had been sent to him in error and could he please delete it, i am not sure i believe him though.

Have any readers had similar communication mishaps?

i leave you with a picture i sent Owner this morning with me wearing the outfit i had previously sought her permission to wear. At least this didn't get sent to the builder as well
me and my crutch


Unknown said...

Take it as a lesson, be more attentive in the future :)
I gotta admit, you look gorgeous in this outfit!

Poppet Subslut said...

Hi Hook - those are almost the exact words that my Owner used too when i told Her. Thanks for the compliment.