Readers may have heard of the cult novel The Dice Man which charted how a fictional psychiatrist decided to live his life and act according to the roll of a dice, resulting in all sorts of mayhem and him committing numerous illegal acts. Well, Owner has devised Her own version of the dice game, except one that is centred upon chastity. In short, the dice now decides if i stay locked or released etc.

However, Owner being the genius that She is would never have been happy with using just any old ordinary dice, She wanted a dice that She could personalise, a dice that would allow Her to determine the options i might have to follow. Thus, She bought a large dry-wipe dice learning cube from Amazon that allows users to write-on and rub off whatever text you choose on each face of the dice. This enables Owner to dictate what 'choices' the dice may present as She has written them. It is still chance and the throw of the dice which ultimately determines which of the choice She has chosen is the one that i have to implement. The dice will be rolled once a month (the 11th each month) and depending on how it falls it will determine whether or not i am unlocked from chastity or not, what else i may have to do etc. The options that Owner chose to write on the faces of the dice for now were as follows:
  • No change for 2 months (ie stay locked in chastity for another 2 months then roll again)
  • No change for 1 month (ie stay locked in chastity for another month then roll again)
  • Remove next weekend (ie released for 2 days then locked for remainder of month)
  • Replace with a ribbon for 1 week (then return to chastity for the remainder of the month)
  • Remove every Friday for one month (then roll again on the 11th of the next month)
  • Remove now for spanking only (then replace for remainder of the month)
 This way Owner Herself isn't sure what i will have to do other than knowing that it will be one of six options that She has written down on the dice.
the chastity dice
Anyway, the dice was rolled for the first time today when i was working from home (and good news - look no crutches!)
Owner hoped that the dice might land on the face demanding that i wear a ribbon on my clit for a week instead of my chastity device, as it turned out it landed on the face demanding that i stay locked up until the dice gets rolled again on the 11th of July - it will be rolled on a monthly basis from here on.

The advantage of the dry-wipe dice is that it enables Owner to change the 'choices' each month should She wish to. It is a fun new dimension to chastity that i think we are both going to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dear... July 11th? I hope you are pleasing Her every couple days! ~sara

Happy pet said...

Trying to sara.