So today has been an enjoyable day. i spent the day working from home. Owner had to pop out for a short time to go to sort out some paperwork for us both (incidentally, She has got a new job after being made redundant from Her last one and starts shortly). Anyway, whilst She was out Owner permitted me to wear my butt plug for a few hours during the day, as is custom when i work from home on a Friday. However, this was to prove just the start of the fun,

Locked and plugged
Later in the afternoon the two of us retired to the bedroom for a snuggle. It wasn't long before Owner had stripped me naked and was paddling my testicles with the leather fly swat and fondling my breasts, causing my little clit to swell inside its cage. i moved onto all fours and Owner continued to paddle and spank my swollen 'labia' before next attaching mini-clothes pegs to them. She attached about ten or so before continuing to paddle and spank them, pausing briefly to remove Her knickers and place them over my head - ensuring that the wonderfully aromatic crotch was positioned directly under my nose. By this time my testes were starting to throb happily under Her expert abuse and the scent of Her sex.

Next, Owner lubed my 'pussy' and began to open me up again with Her fingers -it's always a wonderful feeling to have Her digits inside me - before replacing Her hand with a dildo and fucking me with it in my pussy. i was in heaven as you can imagine. Owner continued to fuck me like this for a short while then stopped - one cannot be too careful and She had no intention of making me cum, that is a pleasure reserved for Her.

And so She stopped but left the dildo parked inside me and instead took out Her vibrator and, after having me first lubricate it with my mouth, She set to work pleasuring Her clitoris with Her favourite toy. As She did She positioned Herself so that She presented Her glorious backside to me. i didn't hesitate to start worshipping Her anus with my tongue, twisting onto my back so that She could squat down on my face and i could bury my tongue deep inside Her delicious anus, swirling it around and straining to probe ever deeper inside Her. And so we stayed, Owner riding my tongue and Her vibrator to orgasm and me fucking Her arsehole with my tongue whilst my clit bulged and throbbed futilely inside its cage, a dildo in my pussy and my testes/labia clamped with mini clothes pegs.

We finished as we started with us both cuddling on the bed except now Owner was spent and i was deliciously and frustratedly aroused with my balls throbbing but my clit still firmly under lock and key.

Today is the 46th day i have spent in continuous chastity and i will remain like this until at least the 11th July when i get to roll the dice which will determine whether or not i will continue to be locked and denied.

Sadly, Owner and i will be parted for a few days this coming week as She is going out to Spain to see family before starting Her new job whereas i have to stay here and work. We both hate to be parted from one another and will be counting down the days until we are reunited again.