Owner has now instigated an additional set of dice challenges. However, before i get onto that She also remarked to me last night that whilst i get excited about things that i enjoy doing - such as the challenges that She sets me - She expects to see the same attitude from me when it comes to staying on top of some of the household projects She has asked me to complete yet which remain outstanding. These include finishing painting our flat, arranging new flooring for our spare room and beginning to develop some ideas and thoughts for a new kitchen.

Owner lays great store in having our flat exactly as She would like it to be and though She agrees that i am now much tidier than i once was and we have got rid of all of my old artifacts and things and decorated the flat as She likes it there are still aspects of it that She is unhappy with and, consequentially annoyed with me for not having completed. Owner wants and expects to be able to live in an environment that is 100% to Her liking and that is not currently the case. She reminded me of the importance She places on having things exactly as She likes them and that She expects me to attend to this with as much enthusiasm and relish as i do some of the more 'fun' aspects of Her domination and control of me.

i have set aside some days next month to crack on with the decorating and i have now ordered some flooring samples for the spare room and set about developing some design ideas for a new kitchen. However. Owner's reminder was a welcome and timely one. i can tend to focus on the fun and 'playful' aspects of Her control over me. However, to Her having me as Her submissive wife also means that She expects me to ensure that Her home is exactly as She wants it to be and to make Her life as comfortable and relaxed as possible. i need to get better and put more time and effort into providing Her with a home She can truly relax in. i hope to be able to report good progress in the future.

And so....to the dice!

Owner has now officially added an extra dice of challenges and set out the rules for their usage. There are now two challenge dice. The first is for indoor challenges and the second for outdoor. The rules she has set are that after every fourth time an indoor challenge dice has been thrown i must then throw the dice for an outdoor challenge. The challenges laid out on each dice are as follows;

Indoor dice challenges
  •  Nipple clamps + mini pegs on clit ( X20) + clit spanks (X 50)
  • Deep  throat new dildo once every hour (3 times)
  • Butt plug for 3 hours
  • Clitty spank ( X 50)
  • Nipple clamps on clitty ( X 20 mini pegs) for 20 minutes
  • Nipple clamps for 20 minutes
Outdoor dice challenges
  •  Wear mini skirt & fishnets to our local park and take a picture
  • Make a video of me walking in high heels to the bus stop
  • Take an outdoor picture of me with my knickers on my head
  • Take a picture of me wearing my bra in our local park
  • Make a video of me applying lipstick at the local bus stop
  • Take a picture in a specific local street of me wearing my cat ear head band


Anonymous said...

Hi happy pet I was wondering do you get milked when your in chastity or are you left to drip ? It’s Natalie here I’m still locked and I’m not unlocking until March the 5th and that will be a month xxx

Happy pet said...

Hi Natalie - no, my testicles sometimes get spanked or paddled (and clamped) but no i am not milked. When in chastity, unless my bits get beaten, my clit is ignored. The next chastity dice roll is March 11 when i will learn if i am to be unlocked or continue locked.

By the way, how is your blog creation coming along?


Her sissy pet said...

Thank you for sharing such intimacies. i find the control a Mistress has over their submissive such as yourself and others evolves over time, making it more powerful and lasting.

The dice roll is very exciting.

sissy pet

Anonymous said...

Hi poppet Natalie here I won’t get access to my keys until next weekend when I go to my place in Devon as I’m self locking now I leave my keys there I will set my blogpost up then ��but today I’ve worn my heels all day sockless as it’s been warm for the first time this year summer is here I’m looking forward to buying some high heeled summer sandals from ASOS when I get paid at the end of the month I’m a male size nine but can wear a girls size 10 nine is a bit to tight love Natalie x

Happy pet said...

Hi sissy pet, thank you for stopping by commenting. What Owner sets me as challenges pales in comparison to the things you do in your diapers. i applaud you.


Natalie - it has been a warm day today hasn't it. px

Anonymous said...

Nice set of challenges set by Owner. Oh i've missed this blog sooooo much. Yeah i also get the one track mind of fun aspects and have to be prodded to do the less pleasurable aspects. It is worse when your favourite activity is restricted indefinitely due to less than correct attitude but that's also what we need ;)


Happy pet said...

Thanks sissysteph. The big news is that i have to do an outdoor challenge today and the dice determined that it is the fishnets and mini skirt in the park challenge! i am nervous and excited and hope i complete it to Owners satisfaction. i wonder how busy the park will be...? It's a rainy day but one never knows