Below is a copy of a note i wrote for Owner today suggesting some remedial action i could take in order to continue my training and development;


Plin, Plan, Plon Progress – How Slut Can Address Continued Areas of Under-Performance

·         Introduction

In August 2013 Owner graciously unveiled Her ‘plin, plan, plon’ to Her slut. The document set out a number of areas against which slut’s progress would be continuously assessed and monitored over a three month period. slut was asked to regularly update the document citing ‘evidence’ of her delivery against the plan. The plan encompasses the following areas of behaviour/activity:

o   Home Tasks
o   Clothes and Make-up
o   New Skills
o   General Behaviour
o   Finances
o   Slut behaviour

A number of these categories also contain sub-categories. 

Owner advised slut that She would conduct a final plan review on the 10th November. Only if Owner judges slut to have satisfactorily demonstrated delivery against all 6 categories (and their attendant sub-categories) will slut be judged to have ‘passed’ the plan. Passing the plan review will then trigger the introduction of additional tasks/activities/behaviours to the plan for slut to deliver and be assessed against – whilst continuing to be assessed against the original criteria.
·         Progress to Date – 29/10/13

Just under three months into the plan and Owners most recent assessment indicates that slut’s performance is currently deemed satisfactory for the following only:

o   New Skills
o   Finances

slut’s performance continues to be unsatisfactory in the following:
o   Home tasks
o   Clothes and make-up
o   General behaviour
o   Slut behaviour

Specifically, slut continues to fail in the following;
o   Tidy-up without being told
o   Passing regular audits/inspections by Owner
o  When at home wear pretty and practical clothes on occasions on days when  deliveries are expected
o   Alcohol consumption is at Owners discretion
o   Regular weekly canings and physical play

This situation is recognised by me as not being acceptable to Owner and must be addressed by me. Accordingly, slut has set out below a series of remedies to address these failures on her part 

Remedial Action Proposed by slut to Address Ongoing Performance Failures 

Tidy-up without being told 
Before going to bed at night slut is to check in every room of the flat and make sure that all items are in their correct places, any items left out are put away, rubbish is in the bin and that each room is clean, tidy and clutter-free. slut to consult with Owner over any item she is unsure what to do with i.e. can it be disposed of, where does it live etc? slut to implement this with immediate effect and ensure that she performs this activity every evening (including weekends) from this day onwards.
Passing regular audits/inspections by Owner 
slut knows the level of cleanliness expected of her by Owner in the kitchen and slut must ensure that the kitchen is maintained in this condition at all times. In addition, slut to ensure that all other rooms are kept in a condition that she feels would enable them to pass any spot check by Owner. Audits and inspections are at Owners discretion but slut should assume that these could be undertaken at any moment and that the levels of cleanliness and tidiness Owner rightly expects to see are maintained at all times.

When at home wear pretty and practical clothes on occasions on days when deliveries are expected
In her morning text to Owner slut always includes information about the panties and bra she is wearing (if any). Slut suggests that she expands this to detail the outfit she proposes wearing for that day i.e. what top and bottom. slut to include a request to Owner as to whether these are appropriate and acceptable. Slut to commence such an addition to her morning text to Owner with immediate effect and to undertake every weekday morning when she is working from home.
Alcohol consumption is at Owners discretion
slut has shown on at least one occasion that she cannot be trusted to remember to ask Owners permission to be allowed to drink alcohol before ordering. Accordingly, slut suggests that the expectation from now onwards be that slut should assume she is not allowed to drink alcohol before ordering unless Owners advises her to the contrary i.e. if/when they go out and slut either a) orders a drink for her and Owner or b) is asked by Owner if slut would like a drink slut should only ever order/request a non-alcoholic drink unless Owner says she may order an alcoholic one or has previously done so during that session. Slut is no longer to be permitted to seek Owners consent to drink alcohol, she has forfeited that right. Instead, it is now solely at Owners discretion whether She permits slut to have alcohol or not.

Regular weekly canings and physical play
slut proposes that, unless either her or Owner are ill, she be expected to always set-up the lounge on a Wednesday for a caning on the assumption that Owner may wish to administer such a caning. In addition, slut suggests that Owner gives consideration to having slut purchase an additional gag and set of nipple clamps to be semi-permanently attached to the bed-frame or kept within reach and visible on slut or Owners bedside table and that a dildo be re-attached to the frame of the bed so that Owner has implements readily to hand in bed should She wish to engage in some physical play with Her slut. Slut also wonders whether an element of physical play could be incorporated into her and Owners regular exercises i.e. slut to complete wearing clamps or some such thing?

·         Conclusion

Slut really does want to ‘pass’ her ‘plin, plan, plon’ review on the 10th November and demonstrate that she is developing and progressing as Owners wife and slut into the sort of wife that meets with Owners satisfaction. Slut wishes to be able to continue this development and learning. However, slut recognises that her performance to date, though adequate in some areas falls short of Owners expectations in others. Slut knows this is not acceptable. slut hopes that the suggestions she has made on how she could improve her performance are useful and helpful to Owner and that they will provide the remedial action needed to bring her back on track. slut looks forward to Owners considered advice on whether She finds the remedies proposed acceptable or in need of further work by slut.

i am thrilled to report that Owner has agreed to all of the suggestions i put forward and has stated that they are to immediately be implemented.


Mistress Marie said...

Always nice to see a submissive taking part in their own progress and striving to be better. I think these are great ideas and I hope you are able to advance along.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie. i have kept an offline journal too for about 7 years which Owner regularly reviews and She sometimes incorporates some of my ideas and thoughts from their into our lives too. It's fun sometimes being the author of ones own misfortune :)


Florida Dom said...

Sounds like your owner is doing a good job of training you to be the submissive she wants you to be.


Happy pet said...

Thank you Florida Dom and yes, indeed She is.