A couple of mildly interesting/amusing events occurred over the past week. The first was that during a work visit to the offices of another organisation i am working on a project with i was mistaken by their receptionist for a woman. This is about the first time this has ever happened as though i now always wear make-up and women's clothes at work (and have done for quite a while now) as well as outside work, my work clothes are not overly feminine, mostly blouses/tops and jeans. In fact, on this occasion as my day involved a formal work meeting i had actually slightly toned down my make-up a little. Thus, i was pleasantly surprised when, on walking into the reception area accompanied by a colleague of mine who is female the receptionists looked up and said ' Good morning ladies, how can I help you?' Made me smile anyway. [edit - Owner says the receptionist must have been blind]

The second, and altogether more amusing incident occurred this weekend. My Dad and his partner came to stay with Owner and i for a few days. As usual i made sure that i tidied away all of the objects and artefact's that would normally be found in full view in our flat but which you might not want your parents to see. Thus, the floggers, canes, crops, queening stool, clamps, heavy collars, 'slut daily chores' list etc were all tidied away out of sight. However, it is easy to forget how second nature some of my everyday activities have become and how i don't really even register anymore that, to another person, they may seem a little out of the ordinary. So it was that it didn't even occur to me that the sight of me standing up in the kitchen eating my breakfast out of a dog bowl might seem a little strange to my father! In short, i had become so used to the fact that i am expected to always eat out of a dog bowl that it didn't even register with me that doing so in front of my Dad might not be appropriate. Oh well, it goes down as another amusing incident in which i have accidentally incorporated family members into Owner and my lifestyle - as when, many years ago, i accidentally emailed my parents and my sister the Xmas present list that was intended solely for Owner. Needless to say i never did get a butt plug that year from my mum!

This weekend also marked the passing of the deadline for my compliance with Owners training and development plan for me - Her 'plin, plan, plon' as She calls it. Readers will recall that over the past three months Owner has been assessing and monitoring my performance against the outcomes set out in the plan. If i am deemed to have passed the plan new training and development tasks be introduced and added to those already set out in the plan. Owner has stated that She needs time to review and consider my performance and compliance and that i can expect to receive notification from Her by the end of the week as to how satisfactory or otherwise my progress has been and what will happen next. i will keep you posted.


Mistress Marie said...

I couldn't help but start chuckling at this image of you eating from the dog bowl in front of your father, OMG LOL. What was his reaction? Were you using utensils or just face in bowl? You are lucky she lets you stand and do it, I make David kneel LOL when I make him eat that way.

I wish you good luck on your performance review. Can't wait to hear about it all.

Happy pet said...

Hi Mistress Marie - i was using a spoon (i was eating my breakfast cereals) but the funny thing was that it was only when i noticed his reaction i realised there might be something 'wrong' i.e. it hadn't registered with me that i was using my bowl. It is the bowl i always eat out of at home but Owner usually always lets me use cutlery.

It was quite funny and my Dad seemed a little taken aback but then he laughed it off saying how he'd never seen anyone eat from a dog bowl before but now he had.

i am excited too about the outcome of the review and will share here as soon as i know.