This morning after preparing our breakfasts Owner advised that She wanted to return to bed with me. No sooner were we both back under the duvet than Owner began to caress and fondle my derriere and breasts - gently stroking and caressing them. Owner then instructed me to remove my nightie and started to lightly tap and spank my chastised clitty, all the while asking whether it was true that i loved having my locked clitty spanked and enquiring whether i would like Her to spank it harder, the answer to which of course was yes. It wasn't long before i was moaning loudly in frustrated pleasure.

Owner then retrieved Her vibrator from the bedside table and started to pleasure Herself with it, as She did so She instructed me to start spanking my clitty hard - occasionally taking a moment out of Her own pleasure to chastise me for not spanking myself hard enough for Her to clearly hear the slap and thud of my palm on flesh. As Owner enjoyed Her toy She continuously stated how She loved hearing me spank myself whilst locked up, how obvious it was that i enjoyed it as my clitty pulsed and bulged through its metal cage and how She enjoyed having my clitty locked and engorged like this. i happily confessed that i loved it too - which is very true.

Owner then had me turn my attention to Her wonderful breasts as She continued to enjoy Her vibrator, instructing me first to lick each of Her delicious orbs and then suck on them 'until you gag'. i of course eagerly obliged. Owner then instructed me to lick Her moist, wet pussy before then rolling onto Her side and giving the instruction i love so much - 'lick my arse'.

With Owner telling me what a dirty wife i was, as She maintained Her pleasure with the vibrator, my tongue probed deep into Her delicious anus. We had formed inverted spoons so that my mouth was positioned between Owner legs allowing the full length of my tongue to enjoy, taste and explore Owner wonderful bottom as She began to grind against the vibrator positioned against Her clit. An intense, eager and hungry rhythm developed as Owner ground against Her toy and my tongue and i licked and probed as deeply as i could, straining to ensure Owners pleasure. It wasn't long before Owners derriere clenched, shuddered and then spasmed and shuddered again and again before becalming hard against my mouth and chin.

Her pleasure obtained it was time for cuddles. As we cuddled Owner remarked - good wives should be dirty as well as practical and you are a good wife indeed. As i got up and prepare coffee i was happy in the knowledge that Owner had derived great pleasure from Her dirty wife whilst i remained happily frustrated and denied.

What a wonderful start to a day


Mistress Marie said...

This I agree was a wonderful way to start the day. Very hot.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie.