This mouse is busy. After a lovely weekend together with Her family Owner and i are apart for this week. i am back in the UK but She doesn’t return until the end of the week. She starts Her new job on Monday and She has had a stressful time of late and Her family have also had to deal with bereavement so it’s good that She is able to spend some extra time with them. i miss Her terribly though.

Whilst i was there for the weekend we had a wonderful time together. We visited the town where She was born and i got to see the window of the very flat in which She was born as well as the flats where Her parents grew up – both at opposite ends of the same town. Owner and i even posed dancing together for Her dad in the very spot where he used to go dancing with Her mum. 

Now though i am back alone and She is still in Spain and i miss Her terribly. The good news is though that, knowing we would be apart, Owner took the time and effort to think of something practical and useful and enjoyable that i could do. She instructed me that She had found a short jewellery making workshop for me to do. Accordingly, yesterday evening after work found me at a delightful little studio/shop in West London called Homemade London. Together with our teacher myself and three women spent an hour and a half on a basic introduction to jewellery making course. It was great fun and i am now inspired (if Owner allows me) to buy some proper pliers and then start getting crafty with chains and charms. Mind you, Owner has already warned me that, since becoming feminised i like to wear jewellery too much, so this could be a dangerous new craft!

Anyway, you can see my small little creations below, one modeled on my ankle;
my little anklet in situ - note to self, toenails need re-painting!

bracelet and matching earrings
i am really loving the new skills i am starting to develop. Since knitting my first scarf a while ago i have knitted one for Owner from a pattern She liked and am now onto a third. Once that is done i hope to branch out to some more challenging knitting projects! Owner has also instructed that i learn some facial techniques during this phase of my development and we are both keen that we get a sewing machine so that i can start practice sewing. We have seen some beginners courses that look like they could be good for me to enrol on and there is also a local craft place that offers dress-making courses. It’s funny but i don’t hear much mention of learning crafty and other ‘domestic’ skills on other FLR blogs that i read. i really would encourage other women to have their ‘wives’ acquire skills that could be used for their Dommes benefit and also about the home, plus they are also great fun to do. All of the other people i have met on the courses i have done to date have been lovely.

Anyway, back to the here and now. There are of course plenty of things i need to be getting on with whilst Owner is away. My development and training do not stop simply because She is not here and so i am sticking to my rota of cleaning, study and other activities that i am expected to do and which do not require Her presence to be undertaken. In addition, Owner has also sent me instructions for an additional project that She requires me to complete today and has indicated She may send a further project tomorrow. We know it is best that i am kept busy and productive if i am to become the wife She wishes.

One thing that was lovely at the weekend was that Owner had advised She wished me to stay out of chastity for the duration of my stay. On our first morning at Her parents flat She had woken up and spooned Her body behind mine and then, covering my mouth with Her hand to prevent me making too much noise, grabbed my clitty with Her free hand and masturbated me whilst whispering in my ear that She wanted me to ‘cum like a slut’. i did copiously and noisily (it was a good job She was covering my mouth with Her hand to muffle my groans). Owner then scooped up my mess from my belly and the bedding and fed it to me. It really was a lovely way to start the day.

Now, however, i am safely locked up again and eagerly anticipating Her return later this week. i so hate it when we are apart. i know how lucky i am in that we live together and do everything together as a couple but it also means that when we are apart, even if just for a few days as now, i miss Her terribly. [Sent via email to Owner for checking prior to posting online].