The other day Owner and i both went to the park for me to complete another of my public dildo deep-throat challenges. So far i have completed these challenges in the heart of City of London, in Canary Wharf, in a pub toilet and so on. Now it was time to complete one in our local park. It was a rainy day, hence the umbrella, but Owner announced Herself pleased with the results. You can judge for yourself how i got on from the following two pictures:

poised and ready to swallow
enjoying a mouthful!
Recently Owner also permitted me to purchase a new pretty apron to wear at home when i am cooking and baking. The apron was ordered from The Sunday Girl Company who are a UK-based company specialising in adults and children's aprons, i think it looks super cute
Meanwhile, i am delighted to say that my new tattoo has fully healed and the scab has now completely done. We are both really thrilled with the final result and i can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive to be able to properly show off my princess crown in public. You can see what it looks like now it has healed here
Talking of pretty things, i now also have a wonderful new pair of nipple rings. They are small silver keys adorned with little pink stones. They are super cute. The only drawback to them is that both of the pair face the same way as the gems are both on the same side. Ideally you would have them so that each key could face the other. That said, i really love them. We don't have a good picture of me wearing them, however, the image below, taken from the Etsy retailer i they were purchased them from (Bohemian Body Jewellery), shows you how pretty they are
However, there have been a couple of failings lately on my part that i am embarrassed to report and for which Owner will be rightly punishing me. The other weekend we went to Dublin and had a great time. However, on the Sunday at lunch i totally forgot myself and ordered a pint of Guinness when we went to a pub for lunch without Owner having given me permission to drink alcohol. i realised i was wrong to do so and quickly cancelled the order and had a Coke instead. However, it was a serious failing on my part and i deserve to be punished for it.

The other two incidents happened in quick succession and both involved food. As you will know i do all the cooking at home (unless Owner chooses to). On Sunday i prepared meatballs but used mince meat that had been lurking at the bottom of the freezer since last July. Owner has a strict rule that any food that has been in the freezer for longer than three months must not be used and should be disposed of. Thus was clearly a major breach of that requirement. To compound matters the following day i then was going to make a sweet and sour chicken but the soy sauce had already been opened and i hadn't kept it in the fridge but rather had returned it to the cupboard. Again, this breached Owners food hygiene standards. Owner was rightly annoyed with me as these are standards She has repeatedly set and this is not the first time i have been in breach of them (my last such infraction was about 18 months ago). It was made worse by my breaking these rules twice in successive days and demonstrated a very lax attitude on my part.

Owner has yet to determine what punishment i will receive for these misdemeanours but i recognise they were unacceptable on my part and that i deserve to be punished for them.