Owner and i have had a wonderful weekend. We received an offer from the Charing Cross hotel to visit them for a very special rate as part of their 150th anniversary. This is a hotel we normally frequent at least once a year, it is above the station in which Owner first kissed me and it is where i became Owners wife. The offer was a great one and so, with Owners consent, i booked us in for one night. Owner advised that She would be giving me  tie-up session whilst we were there and so i packed a number of suitable items for Her. It turned out to be a very dirty weekend!

After we checked in we headed into Covent Garden for some ice cream before returning back to the hotel. Owner had me lie naked on the bed and then She secured my wrists to the ends of the bed and placed Her worn knickers over my head, positioning the crotch right over my mouth and nose - sniffing Her used knickers thrills me but is also something for which She always exacts a punishment in return. But i am getting ahead of myself. Here i am, Her used knickers in place and wrists tied up.
Next Owner visited the bathroom and returned with a large wine glass filled with Her wonderful pee. She moved Her knickers just enough to be able to pour the wine into my mouth for me to eagerly gulp down. After three large mouthfuls the glass was drained and She re-positioned the knickers.

My punishment for being permitted to sniff Owners panties is to be spanked thirty times on my clitty. This time, however, Owner had a variation in mind. First, rather than Her hand or Her paddle She used the riding crop. Second, after striking my exposed bits a few times She paused to attached clamps to my nipples and clit, then resumed cropping me before pausing again to add still more clamps to my clit. i had brought along a wide selection of clamps as part of her travel kit ranging from small wooden pegs, through to electricians clamps - so She had a variety to choose from.

By the time She had administered the thirtieth blow with Her riding crop against my sex it was adorned with a range of biting wooden, metal and plastic items and my titties were clamped and throbbing. Owner masturbated my clamped clit and then inserted a glass butt plug into my pussy before rubbing Herself up and down against me. She then pulled out a vibrator and, still rubbing Herself against the head of my clamped clit, pleasured Herself with Her toy until She orgasmed.

By this time the combination of the odour of Her knickers, taste of Her pee, the pain from the multiple clamps and the plug bested deep in my pussy had me feeling extremely horny. i was extremely lucky as Owner then stated that i was allowed to make myself cum 'like a whore' - which i messily did :)!

After cleaning up we then both headed out to a Thai restaurant in Covent Garden we often visit if staying in that part of town. Once again Owner chose what i was permitted to eat (this has now become completely normal whenever we eat out) and also allowed me to have a beer. We had a great evening and the waitress recognised Owner, but seemingly not me. Maybe it was because i wasn't wearing any make-up or feminine clothes (one week of my punishment is still to go) ??

This morning after an early breakfast we retired back to our room to make the most of the hotels late check-out. We were dozing in the bed when Owner suddenly got up and started rummaging inside our bag in the corner of the room When She returned She had fashioned Herself an amazing rope harness around Her thighs and waist which held in place my deep-throat training dildo. Owner had me immediately set about worshipping her 'cock' and showing Her what a cock-sucking slut i am as She again deployed Her trusty vibrator between Her legs.

So carried away did i get, bent over Owners waist, ramming the head of Her cock right down my throat and so determined to show how i could get the entire length of her cock down my throat that i very nearly made an awful mess. At one point i suddenly felt the contents of some of my only recently finished breakfast rise up my throat as i gagged and feasted on Her cock. What a horrible moment that is when you suddenly become all too aware of what could be about to happen. i thought i had managed to prevent myself just in time from being sick as i sucked and bobbed up and down - though i could feel some liquid snort out of my nose down onto the shaft of the cock. However, i just licked and sucked, cleaning anything that escaped out of my nose up. Relieved at the disaster narrowly averted i happily continued gagging and snorting and covering Her cock with thick gooey saliva as Owner brought Herself to an orgasm. Then She instructed me to make myself cum as i sucked Her wet slippery phallus.

It was only after i had finished licking up my mess and Owner got up from the bed that it turned out that i had in fact also snorted the remains of some of the pain-au-chocolate i had had for breakfast out of my nose when i had been deep-throating Her cock as some of it made its way onto the white bed linen. Thankfully Owner did not seem fazed. simply remarking that such things can happen and confirming in Her mind what a dirty wife She has. It was a very dirty few hours indeed we enjoyed at the hotel.

After checking out we headed into Soho to find somewhere to have some lunch and alighted upon a delightful new place that neither of us had frequented before and which i think has only recently opened, called Muriel's Kitchen. Owner not only chose what i was to have for my lunch and which drink i was to have to accompany it with for me but delighted me when She said to the waiter 'I will have......to eat and he will have....and I will have a glass of.....and he will drink.....'. It is so wonderful to not only have Owner always now decide such matters, but to also be so at ease doing so.

In summary, we have had a wonderful and dirty time.