Owner and i would like to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year, we hope you all had a great New Year's eve and that 2016 brings you joy and happiness. Having been apart at Xmas we are spending a wonderful time together in a little cottage hideaway, it really is wonderful.

Today, to mark the start of the New Year, Owner sat me down to review how my development is progressing and to agree how my submission to Her and Her domination of me will further intensify over the next few months. All of this as part of Her training me to become Her perfect wife. i wanted to share with you the outcome of this discussion as there are a number of new ways in which Owner will be further extending Her control of me.

In summary, Owner has decreed the following:

Financial Control - Owner already has significant control over my expenditure. All main purchases i make must be approved by Her and i need to document everything i spend for Her to review. However, Owner will be moving towards assuming total control of my finances (with my full consent), in many respects taking a leaf out of how Her mother completely controls Her fathers finances. Owner suggested moving in stages to this point and so, as an interim measure from now She is going to permit me £100 a month 'allowance' to spend on necessities like travel, going out, clothes etc. This does not include major item expenditure like holidays. Any amount i wish to spend over the £100 in an individual month must be approved by Her. We are looking into getting me a card that can be charged with money for me to use so that i do not need to keep access to my bank card.

New Ownership Tattoo - as a symbol of Owners continued and growing domination of me She has asked me to get a new Ownership tattoo. She has advised that this will be an ankle chain tattoo design. The catch is that i must save up for it from my monthly allowance.

Audit Remaining Household Items and Recycle - we have agreed in the past that our flat will be decorated to Owners taste and that She will be the one who approves what may or may not be bought for the flat. However, there are items that we have which were bought before then and things that Owner no longer wishes for us to have. Accordingly, She has asked me to produce a full audit of all we have which She will the use to identify everything She wishes to have removed and recycled.

Design Household Uniform(s) - Owner wants me to start to wear uniforms at home and has asked to produce ideas for uniforms i could wear when completing/undertaking specific tasks/activities i.e. cleaning, cooking etc. All my ideas are to be submitted to Her for approval and She has encouraged me to consider ways in which i could up-cycle items of clothing i don't often wear into uniforms.

i am really excited at how Owner is continuing to further Her control over me and can think of no more wonderful a way to start a new year than to do so with a discussion about how She plans to increase Her domination of me. i am a truly lucky wife, and a very happy one!

Happy New Year to you all.


Anonymous said...

Dear you two,
thank you for your delicious blog, thank you for sharing your story, you make me dream.
Your are looking for a uniform. generally we think about a maid uniform. But, personally i prefer a clothing of a housewife to serve my Mistress, like in the 50's or 60's. In french "blouse en nylon".




i hope i help you in your research

Thank you and happy new year

Happy pet said...

Dear Michel,

Many thanks for your lovely suggestions and we are delighted that you enjoy the blog. Thank you for your kind words. i showed your uniform suggestions to Owner and will be presenting my own to Her in the next few days.

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

p- it sounds like Owner has some great ideas (naturally!) for the new year!
The allowance will put you more under Her dominion. Gosh, having to pay for your tattoo from your savings is tough luck!
I guess like Michel, i'm intrigued about your new outfits. Very interesting wrinkle that Owner has put there, with you re-using curring outfits! i hope there isn't TOO much sewing involved in your future! sara

Happy pet said...

Thank you Sara. i think having to save for the tattoo will make it all the more special. Have a great 2016.