Owner and i went for a walk in one of South London's myriad woods. We took some sandwiches and snacks with us for nourishment. We had a lovely spring walk observing all of the trees coming into leaf and seeing birds foraging and building nests.

But what was missing from this scene was the sight of a nearly naked (i can't believe i forgot to take my socks off!) submissive hiding in the undergrowth wearing just their bra and a butt plug with a furry tail attached. That was until Owner spotted one of these strangely ellusive creatures and was able to take a quick photo as it took cover inside a natural bower

Spotted and flushed from in its lair and out into the open woodland the beast threw on a jacket to protect its modesty and posed for a quick photo
Before it fled down the path and into the depths of the wood beyond :)

We hope everyone had as fun a start to the long weekend as we had in the woods this morning.


Sally Bend said...

LOL - that's so cute, hon

Happy pet said...

Thanks Sally Bend