Owner expects me to be many things for Her, a domestic diva, a sex kitten, a submissive pet and a multi-tasking ninja. She also expects me to behave and act like slut and whore whenever She requests and to fulfil such requests without question. Over the years She has had me complete a variety of different challenges to demonstrate both my submission to Her and to highlight my readiness to do whatever She asks, no matter how humiliating. It would seem She has decided She has been too easy on me to date and that She wants to push me harder.

Yesterday i suggested to Owner that maybe i could complete a challenge of some description. She quickly and rightly upbraided me by reminding me that it was not my place to suggest things to Her and that my suggesting a challenge automatically makes it non-challenging as i would already be mentally prepared for to complete something. The subject was dropped and i thought no more of it. Owner clearly had though.

Today i was working from home whereas She was in Her office. It wasn't long after i had returned from walking Her to the train station and i had changed into my regulation home working attire (skirt, blouse, stockings etc) that i received a message from Her. The message instructed me to plug my pussy from 10am-12pm. This obviously excited me greatly but there was more, much more to come.

Over a series of follow-up messages Owner instructed me to make a sign stating that my pussy was plugged, put on a jacket but be still be wearing my skirt and stockings etc, pin the sign to the jacket (ensuring the writing was legible), go out into the street outside our flat and take a selfie of myself with the sign clearly visible and send it to Her. The request left me very excited and nervous, for two reasons. First, our street is not the world's quietest. It's on a bus route, there are often people walking along. Second, i also knew that our downstairs neighbours were at home and i had already heard then come in and out of our communal entrance a few times. It would be pot luck whether or not i bumped into them wearing my sign or equally if there would be anyone in the street or passing in a bus etc that might see me.

It was a wonderful challenge to be set. To add a further layer of challenge. i had a morning of teleconferences so i knew that i would have to complete the challenge whilst also on a conference call. Thankfully the wonder of mobile phones made that possible.

Anyway, below are a couple of pictures i took of my challenge. The first shot i took i realised my arm wasn't long enough for the selfie to show i was wearing my skirt, as was part of Owners requirement. i then had to put the camera of the phone on the timer and balance the phone on a neighbours wall to take the second shot. i think you can tell from my face that i was a little apprehensive! :)

where i realise i need longer arms to show my skirt
note the headphones for my teleconference - how nervous am i?
Luckily no buses passed and our downstairs neighbours didn't come outside, but there were people about in the street.

When She set me this challenge Owner also wrote that 'challenges will change from now on'. She seemed pleased with the results i sent Her and i sense such challenges will become more difficult, or 'challenging' (ha, ha!) in future. Though i was apprehensive about completing the challenge it was a real thrill to do. After all at heart i am an exhibitionist slut. Thank you Owner.


Anonymous said...

Hi Happy pet

gotta give it to you, you got some nerve :)


Happy pet said...

Ha, ha thanks sissysteph, just a product of good training by Owner.