As readers will have realised by now Owner is a great fan of weaving games into Her domination and control of me, for example the various dice games which determine whether and for how long i am in chastity and what challenges i am to undertake when working from home. In part, these are a product of Owner realising that these present an easier and less time-consuming (on Her part) way of controlling and dominating me. After all, as submissives we do love to be constantly reminded of our place which in turn puts a lot of unintentional demands on our dominant partners, when the whole point is to make their lives easier. These games provide a light-touch and non-time consuming way of Owner to maintain control over me for minimum effort on Her part once the game itself has been devised. It also adds a further element of fun and play into our FLR relationship - which, although we both take very seriously, we also like to have fun with as well.

With that in mind, and as a device to get me to raise my game and achieve the standard Owner expects as i undertake my daily chores/tasks about the flat Owner has introduced a new rewards scheme. Think of it as a kinky version of air miles. In return for me completing certain tasks to Her satisfaction i will be rewarded with a set number of tokens - each task is worth a specific number of these. These tokens can then, in turn, be traded in for different 'rewards' - some 'rewards' costs more tokens than others. The game is a trial to see how it goes but Owner has put considerable thought into it and i can't wait to start playing.

Owner has ordered the tokens online which i will be rewarded with and which can be banked in a little piggy bank. These are the tokens She found
One of the Tokens
The tokens will be awarded when i consistently maintain the standards Owner expects when i undertake my daily or weekly chores, for example keeping the fridge clean and organised, ensuring each room of the flat is kept free of all clutter, ensuring our little garden looks tidy and beautiful at all times with no dying plants or weeds. Owner will undertake regular inspections and will award tokens when standards have been met. i should stress that this is not Her rewarding me for completing tasks i should be doing anyway, rather that i complete them to a higher standard and more consistently than is sometimes the case.

Once i have earnt a sufficient number of tokens i may then exchange these for a specific reward of Owners' devising. Each reward has its own price i.e. i would need to spend more tokens in order to buy the reward from Her. Owners' initial reward reward price list is as follows - as you can see there are some great rewards available to buy

  • Drink a glass of Owner's wee to enjoy with a meal at home (Price = 5 tokens)
  • Watch a TV series episode wearing Owner's used panties as a mask (Price = 5 tokens)
  • Take Owner's used panties to work to sniff during the day (Price = 10 tokens)
  • Take Owner's wee in a little bottle and drink in public (Price = 10 tokens)
  • Sniff Owner's panties for 15 minutes while she is wearing them and working on Her laptop (Price = 15 tokens)
  • Suck Owner's 'cock' for 15 minutes (Price = 15 tokens)
  • Take Owner's dildo to a public place and fellate it (Price = 15 tokens)


Sissy Kaaren said...

There are a few rewards there that I wouldn't mind paying for Sweetie!!!!

sissie billie said...

Well that has given Madam an idea. She may look at incorporating that into my Thursday night performance reviews.

Her thoughts are to use the old piggy bank that we have in the kitchen, and get some tokens. for every special task or activity that she sets me she will award a token or tokens and I may have to earn so many tokens to get time out of the cage or an other "special" treat.

She likes the idea of me earning "Chastity Pennies".

billie xx

Happy pet said...

Kaaren - i would have expected nothing less! px

Sissy Billie - wonderful to hear the idea has been picked up by your Mistress too and i look forward to reading about it. The idea of chastity pennies would have the opposite effect to that intended for me unless i was 'rewarded' by being kept locked for longer. i prefer to be kept locked up, which i know is not what most might desire.p x