Owner and i spent an enjoyable week in Spain staying with Her family. We visit quite frequently, normally at least two or three times a year but i realise that, in all the years of going, this was the first time i had been in chastity whilst visiting. Surprising perhaps as i have been in and out of chastity for the best part of twelve years or so now.

i also don't wear make-up or any of my more obvious femme clothing whilst i am there (it's about the only time i don't), though my knickers are always pretty and feminine ones. In the past this has led to some 'near misses' with Owner's mum, who has a habit of walking into the bedroom we stay in unannounced. The bedroom door cannot be locked and on more than one occasion i have almost been found out whilst getting dressed or undressed. However, the worst that could have happened would have been that she would find me in a pair of pretty panties. This time, however, i was locked in chastity as well which added an extra frisson of tension as i got dressed and undressed each day!

Incidentally, i am now well into my fifth month without having any form of orgasm and i have spent all but one week of those months locked up. Tomorrow, the 11th, will witness the monthly rolling of the chastity dice once more which in turn will determine whether or not i might be released temporarily from chastity or remain locked for at least another month more. i confess i am enjoying my extended period without orgasm as it means i am regularly to be found in a state of delicious frustrated arousal. Not everyone's cup of tea perhaps but it is mine.

Anyway, back to Spain. Unfortunately, Owner picked up a really nasty cold whilst we were there which in turn then morphed into something even more unpleasant when we returned. As a result i spent the end of this week being 'nurse' at home, albeit sadly without the uniform to go with it :). On the plus side this meant i worked from home which in turn meant having to complete a challenge each day. Yesterday's challenge was an outdoor one, to apply lipstick whilst stood by the bus stop. Todays' was an indoor one which required me to clamp my nipples, attach 20 mini-pegs to my chastised 'clitty' and then spank it 50 times.

You can see how i got on with each below;

Nipples clamped and 'clitty' with pegs attached
Administering 50 spanks to my clitty with a wooden spoon

Did you notice my super bright nails in the video? The pharmacist did when i was buying medication for Owner :)

Whilst Owner and i were away the tokens that She ordered in order to start the 'Rewards Scheme' She has devised (see previous post) were delivered. The scheme will officially start on Monday so i now have an extra thing to get excited about along with the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones!


vanessachaland said...

Great post. I enjoyed reading it. I think I'd be rather scared to try to do too much of *anything* while abroad. :)

Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks Vanessa and glad you enjoyed. Always good to hear what people like (or don't) as a lot of what gets posted is just random stuff about what i have been upto. By the way, you should try things when abroad, can be fun!