After giving Owner a foot and back massage this afternoon it was time to roll the monthly chastity dice to see whether i would remain locked for another month or would be temporarily released. Well, the outcome was.......(drumroll)... i am to remain locked until next weekend when i will be released for two days then locked back up until at least the 11th June.

Owner was quick to point out the next weekend is Eurovision song contest weekend (always a high point in my year) and teased me that maybe my unlocked clitty could be decorated with some Eurovision flags? Could be an interesting weekend :)


Sissy Kaaren said...

Two Days!!!!! Two entire days!!!! Wow you are so lucky!!!!
But did she agree to let you cum during those two wife has released me from time to time to allow me to get hard....only to ice me and put me back in the cage....I hope you have worked out the terms of your release!!!!

Happy pet said...

Good question Kaaren and the answer is i honestly don't know. When i was released for seven days earlier this year i was not allowed to cum (that was the period when i had to wear a ribbon tied around my clit).

i have a feeling that Owner might seek to devise some sort of game involving my temporarily free clit and the Eurovision song contest but whether i will be permitted to cum at all i don't know. Part of me yearns to be able to but another part loves being kept denied and hopes that might continue to be kept chaste for longer still. We shall see but i will report back!