Well today was a day in which i was again working from home and so, as my last four home working days have resulted in indoor dice rolls this meant today would be the turn of the outdoor challenge dice. What would it be?......the dice was rolled and ....(drum roll)....chance determined that i would have to go to our local park wearing fishnets and a mini skirt and send Owner photographic evidence that i had completed my challenge. This is one of the more demanding challenges that Owner has currently loaded the dice with and i had been waiting and wondering when i might have to complete it. Now i knew.

Our local park is not very far from where we live, at the end of our street in fact just past a small parade of shops. It is always a popular place and even though today is a Friday with rain forecast one can normally expect to see joggers and dog walkers and parents with prams. In short, i was bound to see and pass people on my way there as well as in the park itself.

So, how did i get on? Well, you can see from this little photo selection below:
posing in my outfit at home - the easy part!

about to set-off - coat on in case of rain

in the park - flashing my stockings

i was quite apprehensive before leaving home and, as expected, there were a number of people out and about. However, it did not rain and i was able to take my picture and send it as proof that i had completed my challenge to Owner.

i don't wear skirts in public that often and so when i do it is always a real thrill.  Wearing a mini skirt together with stockings and suspenders along our street, passing our local shops, walking past people who live nearby, buses going past and there being people out and about jogging or with their dogs in the park made it extra thrilling. i am very lucky to be set challenges like this by Owner.


Sissy Kaaren said...

Oh my goodness....you're so lucky I wasn't prowling around in that park....
I would have swept you up and spent the rest of the day pleasuring you in any way I could!!!!
Lovely legs!!!!

Edwin Verrips said...

Hi happy pet,
Indeed nice legs, but you look as a slut, i supose that was the meaning.
In your post to Mia you was interested in here waist and breasts, i am still in the meaning that it is absolutely something for you. A empty bra , no no no..
Love Evy

Happy pet said...

Hi Kaaren - so naughty as always and thank you for the flattering comment about my legs.


Hi Evy - your comment about me looking like a slut makes me very happy indeed!Thank you. The question of whether or not i would ever have breasts like Mia's is not mine to make, it is my Owner's and She seems happy enough with mine as they are. She allows and encourages me to wear padded bras these days which i am slowly getting used to. i haven't yet worn a padded bra to work (i regularly wear non-padded ones)but i will do. At present i just wear them at the weekends or when working from home.

i do like the idea of developing breasts. i like the idea of having no choice and of it being obvious tht i am a bit of a gurl. However, this would only ever happen if that is what Owner decided for me. i think She is quite happy with me as i am so it will probably never happen. However, if She told me to it is something i would do.