Last week wasn't the best of weeks. The work on the new bathroom started on Monday and by the end of the day the builders had already managed to flood ourdownstairs neighbours, an act they then managed to repeat later in the week for extra dramatic affect. Thankfully, no major damage was done and she was remarkably phlegmatic about the whole thing.

The contractors doing the work have been a nightmare to deal with and although we actually had paid already through the company we purchased the bathroom from for an 'expert installation service' i have ended up project managing much of their work. Oh and our boiler stopped workign so we had no hot water or heating and we also don't currently have a fully functioning toilet. We do, however, have enough dust being created each day to keep me busy hoovering etc until the end of time.

Meanwhile, Owner had Her period and wasn't feeling at Her best and She really does not cope well with chaos and dirt at the best of times and i hurt my back and spent a few days just limping around not able to walk properly. Ho hum! Needless to say we upped sticks and de-camped into a nearby budget hotel so we can at least shower etc.

The work is due to be completed at the end of this week and both of us can't wait for it to be finished and get our lives and our routine back.

On the positve side, Owner gave me a wonderful clitty spanking on Saturday whilst i was temporarily out of chastity for a few hours. She ensured that i didn't get to cum but Her expert beating and teasing left my clit throbbing and pulsating and feeling wonderfully and  desperately frustrated. It has now been over 50 days since i came and the longer it lasts the better and better the denial becomes. Seriously, orgasms are way over-rated compared to the slow, incessant, longing ache, the frustrated desire, the feverish twitches and random pulsating throbs, the constant yearn for release coupled with the hope to never be so so that the delicious and delirious feeling never ends. A few seconds of pleasure vs days, weeks, months who knows of that, that ache. Personally, i'd always take the latter.

See, just sitting typing these few sentences is driving me crazy. My clit has again started pulsating, twitching and throbbing in its plastic safe and my nipples are hard as bullets, creating two small pinnacles in the fabric of my top. i long for Owner to strike me hard and repeatedly 'down there', to fellate Her cock, feel it thrusting into me, to taste and lick Her anus, drink Her urine, feel my nipples beign twisted and pulled taut by Her. i long to watch as She receives pleasure and be happy to have been able to provide Her with such pleasure. To recall the smoothness of Her skin, Her scent, Her perfectly shaped breasts, the feel of being smothered between Her slim athletic thighs, face buried amidst the lush hair of Her pussy, fingers caressing the tips of Her nipples, Her presenting Her anus to me, parting Her small, pale cheeks to feast on Her treasure.

Everyday these thoughts fill my mind, exciting and arousing me and with each day of denial my excitement grows. The gift of chastity truly is the fift that keeps on giving. Thank you Owner for giving it to me. And it's a terrific distraction from the building works :)


susanrhodes said...

builders can be a real nightmare - i work with them!!
glad you are getting sorted, and i know what you mean about the longing ache of a long denial. i am not sure how long i went, but i know it was about 2 months. well done for that. i do remember when i did get to cum it was a disappointment the first time. the second was a LOT better, but the first was more of a release than an orgasm.

Glad to see you are still having fun

Happy pet said...

Hi Susanrhodes and good to hear from you and trust all well in your world? i don't envy you having to work with builders, though i am sure some of them are lovely.

i know what you mean about feelign a sense of disappointment when you cum, i much prefer the sensation of being left frustrated and would love to be left that way forever, which i realise not all will understand. 60 plus days has been my 'record' so far and at present i am about 10 days away from that. Would be great to beat it!


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to hear about the plumbing disaster. And especially hope your back is better, ugh! Sounds seriously terrible.
i'm sure you've done the best you can to hoover and keep the dust under control, but you'll still be in for a mega cleanup when it's (finally!) over.
Congrats on making it to 50 days! Your description of it is so good... i con understand (and feel!) it, though i've never cum (heh) close to making it that long! Your description of your nipples making pinnacles in the fabric of your top especially, um, got to me! :)
Hoping you have a better week, i am,

Happy pet said...

Thanks sara and glad to hear that you had a good week. The builders are still here but the end is now in sight. Can't wait to get the place back to ourselves and resume our lives.