Today Owner and i completed the penultimate of our lockdown photoshoots, next weekend's will be the last. Today's theme was Super Hero. Now, believe it or not i have long had an idea for a cartoon strip super hero. The only slight problem with my idea is that i cannot for the life of me draw so it remained just that, an idea. Without the requisite artistic skills i was never able to fully bring to life 'Super Pet - The Only Super Hero That Flies Without Pants'. That was until today. Today Super Pet came to life.

Owner managed to cobble together a super hero outfit for me from amongst my assorted collection of clothes and accessories [the 'cape' is actually one of my nighties] and, hey presto, 'Super Pet' was born. A fearless spreader of perversion who, as the title suggests, flies without pants or knickers, in fact nothing, not not even a thong.

So here we go, i hope you like the penultimate of these little Covid-19 lockdown photoshoots.

Once again Owner created a great little video montage

Music: Extract from “Heroe”, by Max Tune,, used under freeCC

Next weekend's final lockdown photoshoot will be on the theme of 'Teen Party', which promises to be fun.

Stay safe everyone.


Sissy Kaaren said...

Oh save me evil wife hasn't allowed me to suck a single cock for weeks!!!!!
Hurry to my home and feed me your girly cock while you hold my wife at bay!!!!

Kaaren Sissy said...

Been a couple of weeks since you posted this....hope you're OK....let us know please.....I don't need any more worry lines on my face!!!!


Poppet Subslut said...

Hi Kaaren - sorry to cause concern. All good thanks we have just been a little under the weather and busy with work and not much to report on (we still need to do the final photo-shoot).

Hope to post again shortly. Thanks for asking after us.


Amy said...

Hope you're still safe poppet!