This weekend Owner and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a return trip to our favourite London hotel, and the location where we first kissed. Needless to say we had a fantastic time. Owner played a wonderful game with me which had me blindfolded crawling across the hotel bedroom floor on all fours with Owner caning and spanking me and then ultimately fucking me with her strap-on.

Then when we returned home it was time for for my audition for 'Plan 9 for Spoilt Pets'

First i had to audition for a role as a zombie slut, this was my interpretation:

Then i had to demonstrate my ability to convey emotion in a scene, this was me showing my adoration for my Owner:

This was followed by me auditioning for the role of Slut Vampire Victim, my attempts were pretty feeble but here is one of my poses

After this i had to attach a tower of pain to my nipples and prepare for the pain endurance test. This involved being spanked 80 times with Owners favourite leather paddle and having metal clamps attached to my testicles whilst still wearing the tower of pain nipple clamps.

To round off an absolutely fantastic weekend i gave Owner a pedicure and foot massage. Who said that being a submissive is all hard work, it can be great fun too!!


Anonymous said...

Cute ass!

Mistress160 said...

I had to laugh ... as always syncronicity happens amongst friends ... we were doing similar writing on the ass: