The last of Owners challenges for this round of the World Cup have now been drawn courtesy of the results of the recent elimination round and they will, this weekend, see me going where i have never been before (though i have dreamt about and desired for sometime). In short, at some point this weekend i will be walking across London's Waterloo Bridge in my red stilleto heels and wearing my black short skirt, albeit on top of a pair of jeans. i've never before worn a skirt in public (apart from at a club or other 'safe' event) and whilst i know that wearing it on top of jeans is not exactly fully en femme, it is the first time i will have ever worn a skirt in public and not at an event.

i am thrilled, excited and also nervous at the prospect as, who knows, i may bump into someone i know whilst wearing my skirt. The deal with Owner is that i have to wear it for a minimum of 30 minutes. In a way it is the last taboo of my public femming. i'm now used to wearing make-up in public, girly tops, bras and even walking in heels in public is not new. But the skirt is. To me it will mark a personal landmark and something i have wanted to be able to do for a long-time and i am grateful (i think!) to Owner for giving me the opportunity.

Over the course of the weekend i will also have some more public challenges to complete, such as showing off my bra in public three times on Bond Street (that courtesy of Japan losing on penalties in their match), going naked into our garden and masturbating using only a pair of chopsticks and shopping whilst wearing nipple clamps and a butt plug. However, all of these i have done before in some form or other (yes even the chopsticks - though not outside). Needless to say this feels to me like a momentous weekend because of the skirt challenge. i have remarked in the past to Owner how i would like to be made to wear a skirt in public and this weekend's red high heels and black skirt combination across Waterloo Bridge (there and back) will certainly put my desire and resolve to the test! It now seems an age ago that i used to 'die' with embarrassment at the prospect of wearing make-up in public, something i now do all the time outside of work without batting an eyelash. Wearing a skirt really does though feel like the last of the acts i need to complete before my public feminisation is complete.

Now that the World Cup is coming upto the quarter finals tonight was time to draw the next set of teams out of Owners hat. The same rules apply, if they lose i will have to complete more challenges, albeit ones even more challenging than those already drawn for the previous rounds of the competition. i have drawn the following teams;
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Uruguay
  • Spain
Obviously my desire is to see them all lose as i crave public challenges and can't wait to see what Owner may devise for these. However, whether i will be so excited at the prospect when it comes to actually completing them remains to be seen.

Meanwhile though i have my high heels and skirt challenge to accomplish. i'll just try to make sure that as i step out along my very public catwalk that i put my best foot forward, try not to fall over and enjoy my long desired opportunity to strut my stuff and show the world (well at least that part of it that happens to be crossing the River Thames at the time) what a girly slut i am! Nervous? Moi? You bet!
Last night during the USA vs Ghana World Cup game i was hoping for a Ghana win, if only to keep an African team in the competition. And of course that is what happened with Ghana winning 2-1 in extra-time. However, as a result of the USA losing i had to draw a challenge out of the hat that i have to repeat twice (because the match went into extra-time). So next weekend dear readers, as a result of the USA's losing last night, i will have to walk the length of London's Waterloo Bridge in my red stilletto shoes twice, there and back. Yes Uncle Sam got his revenge. Gulp!
Today has been a scorcher in London. It was also the day that Owner and i headed off into Covent Garden for me to complete a couple of my outstanding World Cup outdoor challenges, namely wearing a hair grip for 30 minutes and applying my mascara and touching-up my lipstick in public. Covent Garden market was mega busy and hot but we managed to find a spot where i could do as instructed;

With make-up freshly applied and hair grip in place it was time to seek out some shade in St James's Park. However, en route we passed by the offices of The Lady magazine and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss!

Probably the only time i'll ever be photographed next to Joan Collins!

We eventually made it into the Park itself and collapsed happily under the shade of a tree and then spent a happy hour gossiping and commenting about people as they went by. Still, what they may have made of me in my new blouse who knows;

After lying down we set off for a stroll around the park and had some ice cream. There are some gorgeous flowers out at the moment and the park itself, though small, is one of my favourites in London

All that was left was for me to complete my final challenge of the trip and purchase a box of panty liners. This done Owner and i headed back home only to discover when we got there that South Korea had lost in todays knockout round of the World Cup and so i had to draw another challenge from Owners hat, which was to do the shopping wearing a butt plug and nipple clamps. It's certainly a good one!
Well tonight saw the last of the group stage matches in the World Cup and with it the acquiring of another public challenge i have to complete as part of Owners World Cup game. Tomorrow could be an interesting day as i have a now got a few challenges remaining, on top of the ones already completed, courtesy of the outcome of matches during this group stage. These remaining challenges include;
  • touching-up my lipstick in public
  • re-applying my mascara in public
  • purchasing a box of panty-liners
  • wearing a hair clip in public for 20 minutes
  • being tickled at home 300 times (i really cannot bear to be tickled)
  • spending 20 minutes locked into position on the anal impaler
However, just as the group stage of the World Cup has come to an end and the knock-out stage of the competition begins so too has the nature of Owners World Cup game entered a new stage. Once again, i have had to randomly draw team names out of a hat. The teams i drew out were;
  • Portugal
  • South Korea
  • Chile
  • Japan
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Netherlands
If anyone of these teams lose their match i will again have to draw a challenge out of the hat, only this time the challenges will themselves be getting more....well, challenging.In addition, if they lose the game after it goes into extra-time then the challenge will have to be performed twice, and if they lose as a result of a penalty shoot-out at the end of extra-time then the challenge will have to be performed three times!

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day as i try to complete the challenges i have remaining but it is also the start of the next round of potential challenges. How much fun this World Cup is turning out to be!
This afternoon Owner administered my regular caning using first the thin whippy cane and then the thicker rattan one, having first warmed up my derrier with Her flogger. It left quite a satisfying glow on my cheeks

Caning completed Owner then had me lie on my back across the bed with my backside elevated on a pillow and my legs spread apart. The Japanese clover clamps were attached to my nipples and i was instructed to hold the chain connecting them tight between my teeth. As i lay back legs spread apart Owner began to strike my chastised clit with Her flogger until i was moaning appreciatively. Then She commenced to lube my exposed pussy and slowly inserted one, then two and then more fingers inside me until She was fucking me hard with Her hand. Once i was nicely stretched Owner moved onto the inflatable butt plug which was slowly but deliberately pumped up. As Owner did this She removed the clover clamps and instructed me to play with my nipples for Her and beg for the plug to be inflated further. As i twisted and pulled hard on my nipple piercings i could feel the plug growing larger and larger inside me as Owner pumped it further.

'Beg like a whore' She instructed 'beg for your pussy to be stretched further!'

Of course i begged and begged and was rewarded by another increase in pressure inside me as the plug expanded, stretching me wider and wider. i was in slut delirium and yet still the plug grew until eventually it could be inflated no more. As i lay back breathing shallowly Owner switched it onto vibrate mode and my legs turned to jelly as my pussy quivered and pulsated and throbbed. It was amazing and after Owner had finished and i returned to my duties and was cleaning the bathroom later in the day i could still feel delicious quivers pulsing through me.
Owner and i had intended to go for a picnic today but we awoke to unseasonally chilly weather and so were forced (well okay maybe not quite forced!) to go back to bed to reassess our options. Whilst there Owner used the opportunity to have me fuck the dildo mounted on the end of the bed whilst my nipples were clamped and i licked Her arse as She used Her vibrator on Herself, so it wasn't exactly time wasted.

Suitably refreshed we eventually got up and after a light lunch headed into town to the British Museum and for me to complete some of my outstanding challenges. One of these was a legacy of the Eurovision song contest and was for me wear the 'SLUT' t-shirt i'd purchase as a consequence of that particular challenge. Well today was to be the day i'd get to wear the t-shirt, it was also the day when i had to wear the clover nipple clamps in public for 20 minutes. They are not that easy to discretely remove when on a bus, as i discovered.

We had a great time at the Museum, then after a quick coffee break headed off to Oxford street to do some shopping (i was allowed to buy some great femme black combat-style trousers, a blouse and a t-shirt). Then it was off to the My Old Dutch for pancakes. Owner took some time deliberating what to choose from the menu

whilst i sat and proudly let the world know what a slut i am;

It was a great afternoon and i often forget how lucky we are to have a great institution like the British Museum not far away that we can dip into every so often to admire the artefacts Britain looted from around the world!
As the World Cup progresses i continue to accrue new challenges based upon the outcomes of the games. Last night after Owner and i sat through the entirety of England's woeful performance it was time for me to have my supervised shower (when i get to remove, clean and replace my chastity device). However, this time was to be different. As a result of the Slovenia drawing their game i had drawn out a new challenge from Owners hat. This one was to fuck myself with a dildo and act like a slut whilst having my supervised shower.

i have never before tried to fuck myself with the big suction-cup dildo, to date having only fellated it (see previous post for example) but this challenge presented an opportunity to give it a try. After lubing my pussy the first challenge was to try and attach the dildo somewhere where i could ease myself onto it. After a bit of positioning and re-positioning i eventually opted for it to be attached to the wall of the shower and for me to back onto it.

Position selected the real challenge then began. This cock is fat. It took me nearly a month of practice before i could get its entire head into my mouth and now i was going to try and get it into my pussy. With more lube applied and a lot of effort, and trying to get a wet and lubed big but bendy dildo inside you is not the easiest of challenges (grin!) i eventually succeeded and i could feel its head lodged securely inside me.

Under Owners guidance (She was in part checking i did not slip over in the bath and impale myself completely!) i was eventually able to start fucking myself in earnest. As i did so Owner pulled and played with my nipples before whispering in my ear to 'come like a whore'. Frantically playing with my swollen clit  i came heavily all over my hands and the bath,making sure that i licked up my mess like a good little slut.

After showering Owner instructed me to return back to chastity, another great World Cup challenge. Today there are more to come as i have to both wear my 'SLUT' t-shirt in public and wear nipple clamps in public for 20 minutes. It is going to be a fun weekend!
Well as the World Cup progresses i am slowly but surely accumulating challenges based on the outcomes of the games. The most recent of these resulted in my having to fellate the suction-cup dildo on the floor for 20 minutes and then to wipe my face and brow with a pair of my girly knickers whilst travelling home on the tube after work.

Owner is greatly enjoying our World Cup game and i have to confess that so am i!
Owner and i had a great day out today in Epping Forest on the northern outskirts of London. It provided an opportunity once again for a quick bra challenge, hastily interrupted when some kids arrived with their Dad!

The entrance area to the woods also provided the perfect public location for me to perform the second of my World Cup challenges, this time to kneel for 15 minutes next to my Owner in a public place courtesy of Greece having lost their first match.

All i can say is that at least i've never yet had to experience the international humiliation that England's hapless goal keeper experienced during their opening match. Maybe he has a public humiliation fetish?!
This evening i performed a little show for Owner to Tina Turners classic Private Dancer. In case you're wondering about the pants i'm wearing on my head, South Africa drew today with Mexico so this evening i'm having to spend all evening wearing pants on my head as part of Owners little World Cup game. It could have been worse!;

As you can see from the last picture i was sunbathing in my bikini recently and now have the beginnings of a bikini top tan line.

Owner also took the following photo of me the other night whilst i was on the phone to my mother (she'd be so proud!)
The football (or soccer if you're reading this in the United States) World Cup is nearly upon us. This is not really something that i particulalrly look forward to. i'm not a great fan of football in the first place so the prospect of a whole month of radio, tv, internet, workplace, newspaper etc, etc 'news' about the various results of 22 men kicking a ball about do not particularly fill my world with joy. Neither does the excuse it all so often provides for sections of the British media to descend to their jingoistic worst (hence secretly hoping England get knocked out quite quickly).

All the above said though, i have, since i've known Owner, probably listened to more football matches than i have done in my entire life, albeit ones in Spanish and particularly the fortunes of Sporting de Gijon, the team Owner follows. However, to make the coming month more interesting Owner has devised a little game which She is currently finishing off as i type and which may serve to increase my interest in the outcome of the World Cup matches. The game is as follows.

 i have been asked to randomly draw out of a hat the name of one team from each of the eight initial group stages of the World Cup. The teams i have drawn are;
  • Group A = South Africa
  • Group B = Greece
  • Group C = Slovenia
  • Group D = Serbia
  • Group E = Japan
  • Group F = Paraguay
  • Group G = Brazil
  • Group H = Chile
Then, depending on whether these eight teams win, lose or draw each one of their three group matches i will be asked to do as follows;
  • a win = do nothing
  • a draw = pick a random challenge from a hat to complete 'at home'
  • the team loses = pick a random challenge from a hat to complete 'in public'
i make that a maximum of 24 potential challenges i may have to complete depending on the vagaries of the results in the group stages. Owner has already advised me that i will not like some of these challenges ;o). A quick scan through the team that i picked out the hat suggests that, with the possible exception of Brazil, i may end up having to complete a lot of challenges as they do not appear to be country's anyone is expecting to do that well!

Once the group stages are completed and the competition moves onto the quarter, semi and finals Owner will increase the potential severity of the challenges. It looks as though i may become a lot more interested in the outcomes of these World Cup matches than i ever envisaged! It may never become, to me at least, the beautiful game but it will certainly be the'challenging' game.

Talking of challenges i have now also ordered the 'SLUT' t-shirt Owner instructed me to buy and wear in public as one of the challenges that followed on from the outcome of Her previous Eurovision Song Contest challenge. i think this Summer could go down as one long run of challenges for me to to complete
Owner provided me with strict instructions today. Just before leaving work i was to insert a butt plug in my pussy prior to heading home and then i was to strip off immediately upon entering our flat. i found Owner reclining on our bed wearing one of Her gorgeous corsets and with Her favourite silver strapon dildo thrusting erect between Her thighs. i immediately sank to my knees and fellated the bulbous head and then worshipped each of Owners perfect breasts as these were proferred in turn. As i did so Owner began to pull and twist hard on my nipples before instructing me to lay on my back on the bed. Owner first whipped my nipples, clit and pussy with her riding crop and then instructed me to remove the butt plug from my pussy. She then clamped my nipples with the clover clamps and twisted the each pierced nipple tight with chopsticks before gathering my ankles up over Her shoulders, instructing me to spread myself open for Her like a whore and then thrusting down and deep inside of me with Her cock. Owner leant forward so that Her whole weight was supported by my thighs and gripped me around my waist and drove Herself deep into me. It was wonderful to gaze up at Her as Her cock filled my pussy and my hips sought to meet Her thrusts. Soon She was bucking and grinding hard with the bullet vibe purring inside the cock as its vibrations brought Her pleasure and satisfaction. Finally She collapsed ontop of me, the shaft of Her cock buried fully inside me. When She withdrew my pussy was on fire and i was horny and frustrated as hell. Owner continued to pull and caress my nipples as we lay side by side whilst i shamelessly fingered myself until eventually instructed to stop and get up to prepare dinner.

What a way to start the weekend! Just a shame that i have to work tomorrow though...still, there is always Sunday.