Well Owner and i got to road test the Lelo Tor vibrating cock-ring that (that i mentioned in my previous post) last weekend. Owner had suggested that we spend the weekend away in the lovely little city of Lincoln. The city itself was wonderful with an amazing Cathedral and Castle, bustling river/canalside waterfront and medieval centre. It really is worth a visit.

Anyway, back to the cock ring. My theory was that i would be able to wear it around my chastity device and Owner would be able to enjoy its pleasurable vibrations whilst i remained safely locked and denied. Well, that at least was the theory. On a positive note i can happily report that, judging from the expression of focused rapture on Owners face and the noises She made it definitely succeeded in bringing Her a lot of pleasurable enjoyment. Unfortunately, the small tide of cum that trickled down my belly and onto the bed sheets was also testament to the fact that - despite my being locked up - the little vibrating ring had managed to cause a major mishap on my part too. Yes, i leaked all over the place. My theory is that this happened as the vibrating part was positioned so that it rested on top of my testicles. Next time i will re-position it so that it stands proud of any of my bits (though still easily enjoyed by Owner) and see if that is a safer position to ensure Her pleasure but my denial.

Later that morning Owner used the opportunity of a late lie-in to take some photos of me in the hotel modelling my leather spanking skirt.

It was a really enjoyable weekend.

Meanwhile, i am continuing to work on trying to build my butt. Owner has commented of late that it has become both firmer and bouncier. i have added 20lbs ankle weights to my wok-out routines and am increasing the intensity of the butt exercises i do. My aim is to develop a big round bubble butt for Owner to enjoy. It is still a way off but i think some progress is starting to be made.
Since the beginning of our Femdom relationship together Owner has always made it clear that only She may initiate any form of sexual activity between us. She also stipulated that any sexual activity that She initiated would be for Her pleasure, enjoyment or amusement alone. These principles have remained in place ever since. Over eight years into our Femdom relationship we have never deviated from these principles. Sex is only ever initiated by Owner and takes place only on Her terms and for Her enjoyment.

i never, in the conventional sense, have sex with Owner.  My 'clitty' (as we both refer to my penis) has not been inside Her for many years. It spends most of its time locked-up in chastity albeit that sometimes Owner stipulates that She wants me unlocked in order to more easily tease or play with it.  Having my clitty locked up this way helps me focus my efforts and energies on satisfying Owners sexual desires and urges rather than my own. Instead of an orgasm, and the brief moment of pleasure it can bring, i am instead rewarded with that delicious, frustrated, intense, aroused, uncomfortable, throbbing ache that chastity and denial bring - a pleasure that lasts for hours and days on end.

Instead my role is either to be molested, abused and fucked by Owner for Her pleasure, or more often, to assist Her to masturbate Herself to orgasm. She has trained me to masturbate Her in the way that brings Her maximum pleasure. She also likes to grind and rub Herself against me as She plays with Herself, humping my legs or my buttocks as She cums. One of Her favourite positions when masturbating Herself is to have my tongue fully buried deep inside Her derriere, smothering me whilst She rides my face to orgasm.

In short, i am Her human sex toy for Her to use as She pleases.

However, we recently had the idea that maybe more use could be made of my chastised clitty by fitting a vibrating cock ring around its metal cage so that Owner could then use it as a mini-vibrator. This would have the potential to even further reinforce my status as Her sex toy and intensify still further the focus on bringing Her sexual pleasure whilst i remain in frustrated (but happy!) denial.

With Owners permission i ordered a beautiful vibrating Lelo Tor 2 cock ring which fits perfectly around the base of the metal cage of my locked clitty. Most cock rings are intended to provide pleasure to the wearer and their partner but in our case the idea is that, though it is perfectly positioned for Owner to pleasure Herself against whenever She might choose, by attaching it around my chastity cage it will not provide any significant degree of stimulation to me. That way, Owner can pleasure Herself against my locked clitty safe in the knowledge that there is little danger that i might become overly aroused by the vibrating cock-ring myself. This is what the device looks like in situ on me

We are hoping that it could be a good way of ensuring that my Owner can utilise my locked clitty for Her pleasure whilst it remains safely and securely denied.
Yesterday Owner and i spent an enjoyable few hours at the Victoria & Albert Museums The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 exhibition which is open until the end of this month. It was a really enjoyable exhibition with some wonderful examples of couture - it's just a pity there wasn't an opportunity for a bit of audience participation, how i would have loved to have donned an outfit and strutted my stuff down a catwalk! That omission aside :) it is a good exhibition to go and see if you like pretty clothes.

After we came out of the exhibition it was time for me to complete one of the challenges i have accrued during the current World Cup. This one was caused by Germany beating Algeria (who incidentally put up a great challenge) earlier on this week and required that i was to hold-up a sign bearing the legend 'WHORE' in public. Well, here i am next to one of the Sphinx's adjacent to Cleopatra's needle on the Thames Embankment - and of course it is i who is the whore not the legendary Queen!

Incidentally, the blouse i am wearing is the one Owner had me try on in The Gap (as mentioned in an earlier post). i really love it - especially as it is a little bit see-thru.

Costa Rica getting knocked out by the Dutch last night also resulted in a further World Cup challenge for me to complete, namely to be gagged - which i look forward to completing.

They say that you can’t teach old dog new tricks; well i say that actually it is never too late to learn a new skill or craft. This year i have done a number of courses, jewellery making, manicure and pedicure, massage etc designed to help me progress in my development as Owners ideal wife. However, there is one skill that alluded me for years and which She instructed me to practice in order to develop...that skill being how to properly deep throat.

i happily confess that to date my experience with cock sucking (either the real thing or dildos) has fallen way, way short of what one could even begin to describe as having deep throated a cock. As a child my dentist always criticised me for not opening my mouth wide enough and i always put my inability to swallow the full length of a cock down to my having a small mouth – silly i know but true. Whenever eagerly filleting Owners cock i would greedily suck away like the slut i am but failed miserably and just gagged whenever i tried (or She attempted to push) Her selection of phalluses down my throat. This always left me feeling disappointed as in my head i wanted nothing more than to be able to show Her what a truly eager slut i am by being able to give head like a porn star.

Owner also seemed eager for me to develop and improve my, somewhat lamentable, cock sucking skills for She included it in my development plan – specifically that i was to practice at least once a week. That was a few month ago and i am genuinely thrilled to be able to report that today, for the first time ever, i was able to swallow Her lovely dildo right up to the balls whilst practising in the bathroom. Here’s me with the dildo in hand

Below is the point at which, historically, i have managed to swallow a cock up to but no further

Not that deep i think you’ll agree. But today i was able to get to do this, and do it a few times

It has taken months of trying, each time getting incrementally a little deeper and training my throat to relax, open-up and let that cock pass down but finally i managed it. i eagerly texted Owner to announce that Her ‘cock-sucking wife can now deep throat nice big cocks’ to which She replied ‘What a diiiirty wifey’. i really am pleased that finally, after all these years, i can now genuinely deep throat big cocks.

i also discovered that, when the head of the cock passes down past the back of your tongue and epiglottis into your throat, it gets covered in lots of sticky saliva that emerges in rather glorious and satisfying stringy gloop’s attached to the end of the cock head when you pull it out, like this

It looks a bit like cum! It would be fun to maybe one day have to go out in public with the gloop’s of saliva smeared all over my face and drying to a cake and show the world what a slut i am!

Meanwhile, Owner and i had a lovely time this weekend. On Saturday we went out to Canary Wharf and did some shopping in the underground shopping centre there (it was a wet and windy day outside). Owner picked out a lovely see-thru blouse for me in GAP which She had me try on in the store and then permitted me to purchase. Afterwards we both went for a revitalising coffee and hot chocolate in a cafe.

Then on Sunday we walked over to Greenwich and had a wander around the market. There was a store there selling garlands of fake flowers to wear around your head (kind of hippy style). Owner said She thought i should get one. The store Owner asked which one i liked and then she happily fitted and adjusted it around my head. When we got home Owner suggested a little photoshoot of me wearing my garland, She also decked me out in one of Her necklaces - you can see the results below.