This morning Owner sent me the following note confirming the extension of this phase of my current development through to the 3rd November (it expired on 3rd August). i am extremely grateful for being granted such an extension and you can tell from the letter what a wonderful, loving and caring Owner i have. The letter reads:

pet’s progress through Phase III of the Plin Plan Plon program was steady during the first month.  Unfortunately due to our holidays followed by refurbishment at home some activities/ development came to a halt.

pet has been very good at keeping up with some routines such as recording expenses, deep-throating practice, cinema challenges exercising... On the other hand he has not been able to cope with some others, for example: preparing for his Spanish exam or booking himself in beauty courses.  And pet once more had an alcoholic drink without permission – during the weekend we went to Devon to visit his dad.

pet could and should have done better.  However 

  • pet has been very helpful and very good at managing the refurbishment projects at home:  the loft and the lounge.  he was here all the time when the refurbishment took place and had to deal with builders and deliveries and be ready to improvise when things didn’t go as expected.  he was extremely patient and through the whole process continued to be the sweetest wife anyone could dream of.  This is a great example of what being the perfect housewife means.

  • pet has been of great support, again, when Owner wasn’t feeling particularly well after the holiday and when She became extremely busy with her new job.  Again a great example of being a good wife because he was supportive and understanding.

  • pet drank alcohol during the visit to Devon because it was his dad’s birthday.  pet didn’t want to disappoint his dad, he wanted to join in the celebration an Owner understands this.

For all these reasons, pet has been granted an extension in the current Plin Plan Plon phase.  Plin Plan Plon 3 is officially extended until the 3rd of November.  I hope pet will take advantage of this opportunity and make the most out of it by showing what he is capable of.

Owner wishes pet good luck in his endeavours and expects the highest scores in all areas of Plin Plan Plon.

i am a very lucky and happy pet indeed and am grateful to Owner for having been granted such an extension.

Meanwhile, yesterday Owner and i went out for the day along the Thames. It was quite a breezy (and bad hair) day as you can see from the photos below.

not sure what caused the stripes on this photo
Owner and i went for a wonderful walk along to the Thames Barrier before retiring for a couple of drinks and a bite to eat. Owner was very kind and generous and permitted me to have a couple of ciders.

As Owner refers to in Her letter i am afraid that a month ago i had a drink whilst we were visiting my fathers without having received Owners permission. This was in direct contravention to how i am expected to behave and i know i let both myself and my Owner down for doing this. Owner has been mulling some ideas for a suitable punishment. One idea that She is leaning towards genuinely terrifies me. i am scared, very scared, of heights. This coming weekend we are travelling to Copenhagen and staying near the Tivoli Garden funfare. In the guide book there is a photo of a ride designed, so it would seem, to scare the crap out of people by spinning you round in a flimsy seat high above the ground. i can only hope that Owner settles on a less horror inducing punishment than that!