We still have the builders at home (Grrr!!) and so for the second weekend in a row Owner and i de-camped to a local hotel to be able to shower and relax in an environment with a working toilet and that isn't covered in dust - ohh i am going to have sooo much cleaning to do when this horror is finally over! The Sunday proved to be one of those days which started very well but didn't end that way.

On Sunday morning Owner presented me with a special treat after we returned to our room from breakfast, in the form of a full glass of Her golden nectar which She nonchalantly set down on the bedside table next to me before She climbed back into bed. The glass was full almost to the brim and warm to the touch, it's contents the colour of a sweet wine. i drank down the delicious fluid that Owner had honoured me with, relishing it's taste. Three mouthfuls later and the glass was drained, i set it back down on the bedside table.

But my treats didn't end there, Owner had more in store for me. No sooner had i drained the glass than She set about spanking my chastised clitty and fondling my nipples before eventually tiring of tormenting me Herself She instructed me to take over and spank my clitty in a variety of positions, first on all fours on the bed whilst She watched, then kneeling before Her and finally lying on my back, legs splayed apart.

Owner took over from me and proceeded to spank my exposed 'labia' Herself causing me to wince more than once and making my locked clit very hot and aroused. She paused briefly in Her exertions to remove Her panties and drape them over my face, making sure to place the wonderfully aromatic crotch just under my nose so that my head was filled with Her scent. Then She started to masturbate Herself with Her finger. She re-positioned Herself so that She sat astride my head, offering me a grandstand view as She pleasured Herself, occasionally sinking down on Her haunches and letting my tongue briefly take over from Her own fingers. It has been quite a while since i was last permitted to lick Owners clitoris and it was wonderful.

As Owner masturbated Herself above me She permitted my finger to circle and probe Her anus. i paused occasionally to lick and moisten my fingertip, delighting in Her taste, before returning to work in Her delightful derriere as Her own fingers worked up a rhythm on Her clitoris. It wasn't long before i felt Her thigh and sphincter muscles spasm and contract as She came. My own clit throbbed and pulsed forlornly inside it's plastic cage, delightfully denied once again. It really was a most wonderful way to start the day.

Owner again commented how much She enjoys using Her 'whore' as Her sex toy. i absolutely love it too, especially when the ultimate pleasure is Hers alone to enjoy whilst i am left denied and aching for the remainder of the day. It really was a wonderful treat.

Later in the day when we were back home and i was washing-up after dinner Owner came through into the kitchen and started to rummage through the food cupboard. She had already criticised me earlier in the week for allowing the cupboard to become disorganised but now i could sense Her getting angrier and angrier the more She ferreted around. The cause of Her anger was me, and specifically the fact that i had not checked the contents of the cupboard before ordering more groceries and so She had discovered that we had multiple packets of some of the same products - packets that would likely go to waste. Worse was to come though. Owner also discovered that i had not checked the expiry dates of the dried herbs (i should have known better than to think they didn't have them) that were stored in the cupboard. Owner has previously had cause to punish me on more than one occasion for not checking for expired food - now She had discovered that i had been completely ignoring the dried herbs when doing this. She was not at all happy with me, especially given that some were still unopened and had expired in 2010 - six years ago - and gave me a verbal and very deserved dressing down.

At times like this, when i know that i have disappointed Her, i don't know what to say - other than that i am sorry. My lack of a more detailed 'explanation' served only to infuriate Owner more, especially as, as mentioned, She has had cause to punish me for not properly checking use by dates in the past. For my part i know that saying 'i didn't think' is not an acceptable response or explanation and that She should expect much more from Her wife. As Owners housewife it is my responsibility to keep on top of things like that and Owner has every right to be angry with me. i ended up spoiling Owners day and for that i am truly sorry. i imagine there will be consequences.


Anonymous said...

Hi happy pet

Buiding trade can be a bit of a minefield so hope you get back to normalcy and i know cleaning can be a chore at times but it is for Owner's benefit to be in a clean environment, always serving the Ultimate Female in a sissy slave's life.

i commented on a post a few weeks back on the dynamic of your FLR and reading old posts although work has taken a lot of time so not had chance to view archives much but it is my aim, this is my favourite blog on the net.

I am envious of your relationship in as-much I would love to be in a permanent servitude role to a stunning woman (OWNER) who provides instruction and discipline to the high degree that Owner invests in your training regime, a 24 hour 365 day that you are involved in, but the public dynamic would be an obstacle that I would not be able to hurdle, too shy and the 24 hour element is not practical for myself. That's why I am in awe of you and the Woman who has so kindly made you her wife and continues to dominate your life in every aspect.

The uniform element is a inspiration and kudos to the brilliant mind (Owner) who thought it through. It's something i have been drawn to since i can remember. One of my scenarios - to wear a nun's uniform and worship at an homemade altar of the Beautiful Woman who enslaved and dominated me for a period of time (eg: 30 mins or 1 hr) on a set day or number of days.

In regards to Sunday, you had a perfect morning especially drinking the greatest liquid on this planet and assplay too, WOW! Being able to lick any part of her body is the perfect and most generous gift you can receive. I empahise with you in regards to the outdated herbs and spices, but neglecting duties will have to be punished. I am anxious to hear what transpired, maybe gave you an orgasm so your denial ended as you advised in last post you preferred the continuing suspense of being left in a permanent state of arousal.

Happy Servitude

sissy steph

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's lovely when you get to be used as a "sex toy" isn't it? i wish Wife would do that more to me!
i'm sorry to hear the work continues at your place.
i loved the way your day started, with some of Owner's glorious wine, then some fun. Panties over one's head certainly help put one in "sub-space"!
i have to ask, are you worried about some of the workers looking through your girly clothes while out of the house? Such concerns!
hug, sara

Happy pet said...

Sissy steph - many, many thanks for your lovely comments and i am really thrilled that you like the blog. As you say this is a lifestyle that Owner and i live every day of the year and have done for a number of years now. The routines etc that we have work for us both and you will be surprised at how quickly you start to 'normalise' things or how aspects that may once have seemed impossibly challenging - such as wearing make-up and a collar to work - become less so surprisingly quickly. However, everyone should find a path that suits them, what suits us may not others and vice-versa. And our journey is a continous one with neither of us knowing where it may one day end up.

i loke the idea of the nun's uniform. In the past others have enquired as to how i worshop Owner and suggested some sort of shrine. It is not something that we have ever done or considered and i am not sure that Owner would ever request that. But, you never know..... i do love wearing my uniforms though.

Thanks too for your concern about what happened vis-a-vis my punishment. i too am still in suspense on that one. Owner wasn't well for a few days last week and we still have the b****y builders around trying to make amends for their multiple cock-ups. We were also away this weekend at my mum's and i have had problems with my back all week so, to cut a long story short, Owners and my mind has been elsewhere. However, She will not have forgotten!

Thanks again


Hi sara - yes being Owners sex toy is a total thrill. She has made it clear for years that that is what my body is and i adore being used that way by Her. And it really was a wonderful morning.

i am not worried about the builders looking through my things though we have discretely hidden away the floggers and the penis gags that hang up around the place! Sadly, they (the builders) are still here and Owner and i are desperate to get our lives back to normal. Ho hum!


Anonymous said...

"i adore being used that way by Her." Ooh, that is just perfectly said!

Good ont he builders. i guess they'd check your panty drawer, but the main stuff is away! Do you two wear different size bras??

hug, sara

Anonymous said...

Hope things are going well... hug, sara

Happy pet said...

Hi Sara,

Many thanks for your concern. Ww are both good but there has been a lot going on and neither of us has been feeling 100% of late. An update to the blog is long overdue and will try to do this week.

Take care and thanks again