Tomorrow marks six months since i was last permitted an orgasm, it is probably the longest i have gone without cumming since i was in my early teens - three decades ago. How do i feel? i can honestly say that i have never felt happier, hornier or more thrilled.

This morning Owner woke me by spanking my full and heavy 'labia' whilst my clit remained safely and tightly locked up in its little cage. i adore having my bits spanked this way and was soon very excited, arching my back and spreading my thighs apart to provide Owner easier access (She is still very limited in movement due to Her frozen shoulder and i know Her treating me to such a spanking was not physically easy for Her). i was extremely thankful and grateful to receive such a wonderful spanking. By the time She dismissed me to go and prepare breakfast i was aching and throbbing most wonderfully in my loins and i know i probably will be for the rest of the day.

As stated in my last post i have now been continuously locked in my new tiny chastity device for a month. The combination of being locked up and having not been permitted to cum for six months is such an indescribably wonderfully exciting and arousing sensation. i also think it is making me a much better wife for Owner. i hope i am kept in such a state for many, many more months.

On a completely different subject, Owner permitted me to buy a new dress from my allowance the other day. Owner chose it for me after seeing it in the sales in an online shop called Yumi that we have bought items from previously and really recommend. What do you think?

It is great quality.

We're off to the cinema later today something we're really looking forward it as we haven't been for ages. The combination of my bad back in the autumn and then Owners ongoing issue with Her shoulder meant that comfortably sitting for long periods was not something we were able to do until quite recently. My back is now fully recovered, i even re-started my butt and abs workout regimen a few weeks ago to try and get back in shape. i am currently 148lbs and want to get back down to about 140lbs. Owners recovery is a much slower and more drawn out process but She is definitely no worse and Her shoulder is less painful but She has secondary problems with muscles in Her back and neck and is still far from recovered.

Since Owner started having problems with Her shoulder i have been giving Her daily massages to compliment the professional massages She receives once a week, i also now wash, dry and brush Her hair for Her. i love doing all these things and this morning (after my spanking) Owner remarked what a good and attentive wife i was. Her compliment made me want to burst with joy. i vowed that when She is fully recovered i will continue to offer Her daily massages and do Her hair for Her. i love doing them and, to be honest, i feel bad that i wasn't doing this before as they are exactly the sorts of things Owner ought to expect me to do for Her anyway. i am eager to incorporate providing these services to Owner into my usual domestic duties.

i remarked to Owner this morning that i have never felt happier in my own skin than i do now and how i only ever want to spend time with Her. i often get comments on this blog saying how lucky i am. They are spot on, i truly am the luckiest person in the world.