Owner is a firm believer in Her wife (yours truly) having a range of practical and useful skills becoming of her station in our relationship. Thus, so far i have undertaken a range of different short courses and classes encompassing knitting, massage, manicure, flower arranging etc. All have been great fun to do, a chance to learn some new skills in the company of others and then apply them at home for Owners benefit. Owner has now identified a new skill She would like me t learn and some courses for me to do, namely sewing using a machine. Accordingly, over two weekends next month i will be attending some beginners sewing classes, learning how to use a sewing machine and progressing through to being able to make a basic skirt. i am excited and grateful to Owner for encouraging my continued development in this way.

In other news, my ankle tattoo is healing nicely and we're both very pleased with it. i have also been continuing to enjoy some days working from home with Owner, which has been a real pleasure. Owner took this picture of me wearing my glasses - my eyesight is not quite what it once was but Owner and i both think i look quite secretarial in these.

Meanwhile, it has now been well over seven months since i last had an orgasm and i have been continuously locked 24/7 in my chastity device since early January without release. i am really enjoying my new totally chaste state :)