Today is the day i turned 48 years old. To mark the occasion Owner is taking me away to France this weekend but She had a special, and unexpected, surprise in store for me today. i was working from home today and shortly after i returned home from having walked her to the station this morning, for Her to catch Her train, i received the following Whatsapp message from Owner.

'Birthday challenge: you must spank your testicles 48 tines, wear your butt plug for 48 minutes and take a picture of yourself outside with a sign reading: i am a 48 year old slut'

Owner knows how much i love challenges like these and this was a real treat to receive. i was really thrilled and excited at the prospect and resolved to complete the challenges as soon as i had got ready for work. It being a home working day i was wearing hold-ups, a skirt and blouse.

The following are some of the photos i sent to Owner by way of providing proof that i had completed the tasks i was set.

First off, testicle spanking x 48 with our favourite wooden spoon

Next step, butt plug selection and insertion (to be worn for 48 minutes) - as you can see i opted for the furry one
 The plug tail was still visible when i pulled my skirt down
can you spot my 'tail'
And then finally, out into the street with my sign around my neck
No tail in view but the plug was still there

It was a very exciting way to start the day!


Anonymous said...

Poppet you are lovely!! I’m envious but ensured by you. It’s pleasing you met the challenge yiur a Mistress set you. Enjoy France and hope they love their new sissy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dear! Quite a way to spend your birthday :)
To celebrate, i will spoon-spank my own testicles later today for you. hugs, ~sara

Happy pet said...

Thank you both


Lucianathais said...

Feliz cumplea├▒os ­čÄé adoro tu conjunto ..besos