In the first few years of our relationship i used to put on regular dance and strip-tease performances for Owner. It was a part of our life that we both enjoyed and they were great fun to do. However, i then had a prolonged period of quite serious back issues which, at its worst made walking impossible let alone dancing! My strip shows ended.

Last night, however saw the first of what is to become a new routine of Tuesday night dances for Owner. Every Tuesday after i have made dinner and washed up and completed my chores for the evening i am to get changed and do a little dance routine for Her. Yesterday evening i performed my own interpretation of Style from Taylor Swift's 1989 album. It's a great song. i think it is safe to say that Taylor does it much more justice than i do and she is certainly much prettier than i am but it was fun to do and Owner seemed suitably impressed. You can see a still from my routine and a short clip of me 'dancing' below:
Strike a pose

Unlike yesterday today has been another day in which i have been working from home. The dice was once again rolled by Owner and this time it determined that i was to remain naked wearing just a furry foxtail butt plug for half an hour before removing it and putting on my skirt and blouse. i knew we had some deliveries expected and so i spent a slightly apprehensive 30 minutes this morning in just my birthday suit and furry plug hoping that there would not be a knock at the door. If there was i would have to answer it wearing nothing but my stockings and tail. Luckily for me (and the delivery staff!) there wasn't and the half hour passed incident free. It would have been quite humiliating to have had to answer the door dressed only like this
Wearing my furry plug
pussy plugged
i am pleased to report that when the deliveries did arrive later in the day i was able to receive them fully dressed in my work outfit of blouse, skirt, stockings and heels.

Talking of dice, a fourth one will soon be added to Owners' collection. There are currently three that She uses. These are:
  1. A chastity dice - rolled monthly (on the 11th every month) to decide whether i will be unlocked or not and, if so, for how long
  2. A home working indoor task dice - rolled every time i work from home and determines what task/activity i will have to perform that day whilst working - typically involves being clamped or plugged (as above)
  3. A home working outdoor dice - gets rolled after the fourth roll of the indoor dice i.e. every 5th day i work from home. Requires me to undertake an outdoor challenge. This dice includes challenges such as applying make-up at the bus stop or wearing a mini skirt and fishnets to our local park (the dice hasn't landed on this one yet!). These are great fun to do if a little nerve wracking, but being an exhibitionist they are my favourites
These three dice will shortly be joined by a fourth. This dice will be rolled on those days that i am working away from home i.e. in the office, going to meetings, giving presentations at conferences etc. i don't yet know what Owner will load that dice with when i am working away from home but i will keep readers posted as i know Her dice games have generated quite a bit of interest. They also ensure that i am kept fully on my toes and occupied including, now, those days when i am not working from home.