Owner gave me a wonderful treat this weekend. After having given my chastised clitty a spanking whilst i washed up on Friday night which left it throbbing and engorged in its cage She then advised that She wanted me out of chastity for a while. Accordingly, later that night the device was removed for the first time in over a month. i have ti confess that, much as i enjoy being locked up i also do enjoy these moments of 'free' time too, not that i rush to masturbate or anything (i would never even consider this unless ordered to so do so) but rather it is just nice feeling unrestrained for a while, in much the same way that feeling restrained and locked in chastity can also feel oddly reassuring and comforting.

Anyway, Saturday morning Owner awoke feeling aroused and soon had me pinned face down on the bed as She sat astride my buttocks grinding out an orgasm against my body. Next, Owner had me position myself on all fours to afford Her easy access to my soft spots and then She began to pull, tweek and caress my titties and alternately slap and spank my clitty and gently masturbate it. Over a month of enforced denial meant that it wasn't going to take long before i came and soon i was seeking Owners permission to do just that, only for Her response to be to stop, wait and then re-commence. She continued edging me this way, alternately stroking and slapping my clitty for a while and then She gloved and lubed Her free hand and, whilst continuing to stimulate my clitty, eased Her fingers into my pussy. And so it was that first thing in the morning i found myself happily on all fours, legs parted, head buried in the duvet whilst Owner knelt behind me, masturbating my clitty with one hand and fucking my pussy with the other. Owner urged me to cum and seconds later it was over, Her gloved hand withdrew and my tongue was lapping and licking up my mess before we embraced tightly. It was a lovely start to the weekend.

i was, i know, exceedingly lucky to be given such a wonderful treat by my Owner. This was especially so as i had mucked up badly a few days before and done something that rightly annoyed Her immensely. Most readers will know that i make the majority of our meals, in fact it is assumed that i will make all meals at all times unless Owner should decide otherwise. As part of my development i also must ensure that i provide Her with a minimum of two evening meal options a day for Her to choose from.

The day before i had de-frosted some chicken pieces and so that fateful day offered Owner the choice of a chicken salad or stir-fry for dinner, She chose the latter. Another of the things Owner expects of me is to ensure that i don't waste food and use it before it reaches its expiry date. i do a kitchen audit once a month and any food found that has past its use by date needs to be disposed of/recycled and Owner advised accordingly. Depending on how much food i have wasted this way She punishes me accordingly. Anyway, i had only recently done such an audit, had presented Owner with what i had found (some expired stocks and pulses) and was punished accordingly - by having two items of my clothing recycled for being wasteful.

Fast forward to me serving Owner Her dinner that evening last week and after taking Her first mouthful She enquired as to what sauce i had used. When i replied it was a soy sauce this was quickly followed-up by Her asking when it had been bought? My heart suddenly sank. The sauces are in a part of the cupboard i had forgotten to check when conducting the food past its expiry date audit. i returned to the kitchen where my worst fears were confirmed, it the sauce had expired. i returned to the living room and shame-facedly handed Owner the evidence of my guilt. She was, quite rightly, not at all impressed and let me know accordingly, hence the pleasant and unexpected surprise of my being released and permitted to cum that way on Saturday morning.

However, i have not got off scott-free. As i write this all of my feminine shoes are laid out on the bed for Owner to choose which ones will be recycled, it may be all of them [EDIT - Owner selected 5 pairs to be recycled]. Equally, i also imagine some non-footwear items of clothing of mine may also be making a premature visit to the recycling facility. Owner knows how much i love my 'girly clothes' (which now constitute over 95% of my wardrobe), and thus how much i hate to have to part from any of them. Accordingly, Her punishment of choice is indeed one that is felt by me but which is also deserved on my part. i just hope She has no further need to punish me so.

Meanwhile, my most recent faux pas aside my development as the wife Owners deserves to have continues apace. i am continuing to stick to and deliver against the requirements of me as set out in Owners training plan. One area that is a particularly exciting development is the commencement of more formal 'practical' training in order that i acquire more skills of benefit to Owner. Accordingly, later this week i will be attending an introduction to 'back and neck' massage course and Owner has permitted me to register and enroll on two one-day courses in February next year. One is an Indian head massage course and the other is a manicure and pedicure course. i am really excited about these and hope that i do my Owner proud and pass both courses.

These last two courses give an accredited Beauty Academy Diploma to graduates but also offer the potential to have the courses accredited towards a Level 2 National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Beauty Therapy. This is something that i would love to be able to get so that i could offer Owner a full-range of services, something i feel that i ought to aspire to be able to do as Her wife. It would require me completing a number of different class-based modules as well as some assignments but i think it could be fun and would give me some useful skills. We shall have to see what She thinks.