As part of my development Owner is keen that i develop additional skills and abilities that will be of current or potential future use to Her. One such area that regular readers will know i have been trying to improve for a number of years now is Spanish and i am delighted to report that i seem to be making some progress with this.

However, as part of the current phase of my development as Her wife Owner has been keen to start to extend my repertoire and further my studies. Accordingly, i have recently purchased a copy of the New Holland Professional Manicure and Pedicure: The complete guide to professional results. i have offered and given Owner pedicures and foot massages for many years now but i had never, until this weekend, given Her a manicure - maybe because the results are so obvious to others and i was worried about making a complete hash of it? Anyway, this book has been really useful and is easy to follow. The next step i hope will be to be permitted by Owner to enroll on a taught course so that i can work towards offering Owner professional standard manicures and pedicures. i was recently contacted by an old school friend who, as it turns out, is a professional beautician. It was great to get in touch with her again after so many years but, serendipitously also allowed me to seek her advice on potential beauty courses.

Talking of courses, i have also just enrolled myself onto a one day back and neck massage course in London. i have agreed with Owner that i need to make better use of some of the extra days leave i get from wok each year compared to Her. Owner advised that i could use this time in a productive manner, one such way being using the time to study and develop skills that would benefit Her. Accordingly, i have booked a day off from work to attend the course. Fingers crossed it will go well and, assuming it does, the centre offers a number of other complementary health and development courses that might be useful. Owner has also discussed with me the idea of me enrolling in sewing, beauty therapy etc classes and courses. It looks like i will be having a lot of fun acquiring new skills over the coming months and years.

Meanwhile, Owner and i have been having fun with some new and old activities/challenges for me. Owner has discovered that She really enjoys spanking my 'bits' i.e. testicles whilst i am washing-up. She uses a variety of kitchen implements such as wooden and metal spoons, spatulas etc as well as Her paddle and seems to relish administering a good spanking to them and my derriere whilst i am gagged and trying to remain focused on doing the washing and drying-up. i confess i love being spanked this way, i can feel my clitty twitch and throb inside its cage and it leaves me with a set of heavy and engorged appendages for the remainder of the evening/night - an exquisite state of aroused, uncomfortable denial.

Owner also had me pose near a local street sign the name of which amused Her and which She felt warranted a suitable picture of me

Meanwhile, i have been trying not to get too distracted thinking naughty thoughts when working from home!
put your titties down and step back from the laptops!