Monday, 22 May 2023

Bathing Baltic Babes

So Owner and i arrived safely here in Finland on Saturday to start our summer holidays. We are staying in South West Finland, close to a city called Turku and the Finnish Archipelago. Despite the northern location the weather has been surprisingly warm with the temperature nudging 24c today. Normally Owner suffers when it gets warm but with places to go close to the coast that offer shade and cool breezes She has managed to keep Her cool. She even ventured into the cold waters of the Baltic Sea (well, technically the Gulf of Bothnia), which still freezes over in winter in these parts. In fact the coastline here looks much more like a lakeside than the sea with reeds and wildlife fringing the cool, near arctic waters.

Of course, me being me, at the first sight of sunshine i had stripped off into my bikini. i actually brought two pairs with me, one to use in the jacuzzi/tub on the deck of the AirBnB we are staying at and the other for the beach. One pair is blue and the other pink. Of course i chose the pink to wear out in public :)

Now the million dollar question. Have i swum in the sea? Yes! i even have a video to prove it (see further down). It was cold enough to cause my clit to retreat even further into its cage but not so cold as to trigger hypothermia. Actually, the water was surprisingly mild.

And the second question, was i seen in public in my bikini? Again yes. Although super quiet there were a few people about so Finns have indeed got to see an unusual, previously unknown, species of slutty moomin frolicking about in a pink bikini, including a group of school girls who giggled as they passed me sunning myself in my bright pink two-piece by the water. Actually, a moomin is quite an appropriate descriptor as pictures of me in my bikini serve only to emphasise how much i need to lose my belly.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, here are some pictures, first of Owner and i at the beach then some of the scenery here in SW Finland.

Owner and i at the beach
beach slut 1
Beach slut 2
Beach slut 3
Testing the water
the pontoon i swam to....what, don't believe me?

The above video shows a very rare slut moomin (aka poppet) swimming in a pink bikini.

The beaches and scenery here are quite beautiful and Owner and i have only really just started to explore. Here are a couple of examples

i know it looks like a lake, but this is the sea
Right, that's it for now. As you can see, we are greatly enjoying our Finnish escape and hopefully there will be many more adventures to come whilst we are here.


vanessachaland said...

Wait. What? You're taking a vacation to recover from...your vacation? :)

Poppet Subslut said...

That's us European 's Vanessa, constantly swanning off from one holiday to the next :)


hs said...

Great pictures PS:

Love the bikini look on you....and you and your owner both look so happy and relaxed.....I am envious...and love hearing about Finland as well as looking at the scenery...

Thanks for sharing


Poppet Subslut said...

Glad you like them hs, there will be plenty more to come by the time we head back.