Today Owner and i completed the penultimate of our lockdown photoshoots, next weekend's will be the last. Today's theme was Super Hero. Now, believe it or not i have long had an idea for a cartoon strip super hero. The only slight problem with my idea is that i cannot for the life of me draw so it remained just that, an idea. Without the requisite artistic skills i was never able to fully bring to life 'Super Pet - The Only Super Hero That Flies Without Pants'. That was until today. Today Super Pet came to life.

Owner managed to cobble together a super hero outfit for me from amongst my assorted collection of clothes and accessories [the 'cape' is actually one of my nighties] and, hey presto, 'Super Pet' was born. A fearless spreader of perversion who, as the title suggests, flies without pants or knickers, in fact nothing, not not even a thong.

So here we go, i hope you like the penultimate of these little Covid-19 lockdown photoshoots.

Once again Owner created a great little video montage

Music: Extract from “Heroe”, by Max Tune,, used under freeCC

Next weekend's final lockdown photoshoot will be on the theme of 'Teen Party', which promises to be fun.

Stay safe everyone.

Wow, how time passes when you are having fun. Fifteen years ago today Owner and i met each other for the first time. Both of us were going through divorces and were looking for new friends to meet and socialise with. We chatted online at first before meeting for the first time at Bond Street tube station.

In normal times we try and return to the pizza restaurant we went to on that day, but this year is not a normal year and so we will be having pizza at home. It would also take another five months before Owner would tire of me making a first move (i am actually quite shy) and so grabbed me and kissed me in Charing Cross station as i was waving her goodbye. Up until then we had just met socially for drinks or to go to the movies and both lived in different parts of London.

A few months after that She moved in with me and the rest, as they say, is history. Ours did not start out as a Femndom relationship, at first it was a very vanilla one, but it soon became one. Much since has changed. Owner became, well my Owner and i Her pet. When first we met i would never have imagined, for example that we would one day get married in Las Vegas with me wearing a pretty pink dress and Owner a suit.

We have been together in sickness and health and i can honestly say with my hand on my heart that the past fifteen years have, quite literally, been the best years of my life. i feel incredibly lucky to have met Her, to have been able to share my life with Her and to submit to Her. She is the love of my life.

We also have lots of fun together and try not to take life too seriously, as I think these e-card that Owner sent to me to mark our anniversary nicely show.

Happy anniversary gorgeous and here's to at least fifteen years more!
Greetings everyone, we trust that you are all keeping safe and well? Owner and i have been feeling a little out of sorts the past few days. We have also been quietly fuming at the double standards that made it completely OK for the Prime Minister of the UK's chief advisor to break coronavirus lockdown rules not once, not twice but three times without consequence whilst the rest of us plebs have all struggled and obeyed. Hey ho, that's what we get when the nation votes in a charlatan and his chums i guess.

On a lighter note we have both been continuing to exercise daily and we are now the proud owners of two pairs of exercise steps to which i can attest that combining cardio with weights and steps is quite a killer workout routine. Owner has also made a few delicious cheesecakes lately, which were super tasty but have probably undone whatever good the exercisises have been doing :). i have been pottering in what counts as our garden, the small rectangle of concrete at the front of the building near the bins which i have been attempting to brighten with pots, planters and flowers.

But the bank holiday weekend ended on a bit of a high with the completion of our weekly photoshoot. This week the theme was 'Goth'. It quickly became apparent that i do not have many/any outfits that could even loosely be described as being Goth but Owner sprung to the rescue, lending me some clothes from Her collection to wear. The results you can see for yourself below;

Owner also created a little this little video montage complete with appropriately 'dark' music

Music: Extract from “Sneaky”, by Max Tune,, used under freeCC

Next weekend's photoshoot will be on the theme of 'Super Heroine' - which promises to be fun.

Take care everyone.

Owner and i have had all of this week off work. We should have been going to Spain to stay with Her family but obviously the lockdown put paid to such plans but we opted to still take the time off work anyway. Rather than travel we have spent much of the week exploring parts of our neighbourhood, planning trips for when we are able to travel again, cooking, completing a jigsaw and watching films and TV series.

Sadly, the last two days saw Owner not well at all. She has always suffered from very bad menstrual headaches and they have steadily grown worse with age to the point when they really are very debilitating when they strike. She sometimes loses days to them and i have seen her literally collapse a few times from the pain they cause. A few months ago She started a hormonal treatment to try and counteract their impact as they were getting worse with the menopause. At first it seemed to work but now the headaches have returned with a vengeance. Hopefully, it is just a hiccup but it meant the plans we had to do on some day walks at the end of the week, now we are allowed out for longer,  have had to go on hold.

Before She was struck down Owner did, however, grant me an unexpected orgasm. i'd had a supervsied shower the night before and Owner instructed me to keep my chastity device off in bed and then put it on again in the morning. However, the next day i awoke to Her teasing and fondling my clit. i was half asleep at the time as She expertly aroused me. To be honest it did not take very long before i was asking Her for permission to cum, which She granted. i immediately drenched the sheets with copious amounts of cum.

Later that day Owner remarked a few times that orgasms were definitely not good for me as i drifted lazily about the flat, forgetting to do some of the tasks She had set for me and generally not being on my game. i confess i have to agree, pleasurable as they are to experience the rare orgasms i am permitted do seem to have a deleterious impact upon my behaviour. i wonder if i will be granted any more this year? The two orgasms i have experienced to date are already two more than i was granted all of last year.

Today, Owner has been feeling better and so we went ahead with our weekly photoshoot as planned. This week's theme was 'Sleeping Beauty'. i would never describe myself as being beautiful but i did manage to pretend to be asleep for the shoot! Here are some pictures of me in repose in our bed. Owner expressed Her delight with the resultant images, which i think are a testament to her skills as a photographer p.s. the cuddly toy does not normally sleep with us :)

Owner also created another little video montage from the shoot

Music: Extract from “My Valentine”, by Jam Morgan,, used under freeCC

Next weeks' photoshoot has also now been selected and will have the theme of 'Goth' which we are both looking forward to as it's an opportunity for me to embrace one of our favourite styles.

We hope that everyone is keeping safe, sane and well.

Many things have changed as a result of Covid-19 and its impact upon our daily lives. We are restricted in what we can do, where we can go or who we can see. i have not completed a monthly outdoor challenge for two months and there is little prospect of another as long as the restrictions remain.

But some things have not changed, are as constant as the rythm of the seasons. Amongst such things are the dice that get rolled at the beginning of every week and which determine how some of my household duties will be combined with challenges that Owner has set for me. The activities and the challenges are each loaded onto two separate dice, one for the activity and one for the challenge. They are rolled twice to determine two 'random' things that i will need to do as a challenge that week.

For the most part these challenges involve discomfort as Owner strives to increase my ability to endure pain, especially on my nipples or my testicles. So sometimes you will find me wandering the house sweeping and mopping the floors wearing weighted nipple clamps, cleaning the kitchen or bathroom with pegs strategically attached to my bits. Very rarely the dice lands on something a little more 'rewarding' and i get to spend some time plugged. But mostly it lands on clamps or weights and with it my pain tolerance slowly improves.

Owner has announced that she will be refreshing these dice this week, adding some new activities/challenges to them and retiring some others. i wait, slightly nervously, to see what that might entail but leave you with some pictures of some of my recent clamp 'experiences'

caged clit decorated with 20 mini paper clips
Full-size clothes pegs and weighted table cloth clamps - before
and after
The mini paper clips experience was quite memorably intense. They were worn whilst cleaning the fridge which is a mercifully quick activity. They would be quite something to experience for a longer period of time, or to have weights suspended from them. i am just grateful that Owner has not yet suggested that clamps be combined with some of the lighter dumbells.

Stay safe everybody and have fun.

Greetings pop pickers. Owner and i hope all the readers of this little blog are keeping safe, well and socially distanced. It's been a relatively quiet week here. It was a shorter work week anyway as Friday was a Bank Holiday and Owner and i have also got the coming week off as annual leave. We were supposed to go to Spain to visit her family but...well, hey ho.

So instead of travelling we will be en casa for a week but i am sure we will find things to keep us occupied. Yesterday saw me tidying up the small area in front of our house. Technically it is not ours but is our downstairs neighbours space. However, she has let me put out some containers for plants and basically take it over. She has her own much bigger space at the back. Sadly, the area in the front is north facing so it is not really somewhere to sit and sunbathe, it is also, as i mentioned, tiny. But it is nice to have somewhere outside in which to potter about, even if just for a short while. Which is where i was yesterday afternoon.

During lockdown i am not able to get out and do any outdoor challenges - Owner has decided that walking to the station in stockings and skirt does not meet the criteria of non-essential outdoor activities. But spending time in our small front garden, sweeping, weeding and cutting the hedge dressed in my tight little shorts, padded bra and light see-thru t-shirt in full view of all the many passers by was some compensation for an exhibitionist tranny slut like me. i even had a short, socially distanced, conversation with our neighbour.

Today Owner and i did another of our weekly lockdown photoshoots. This weeks theme was 'Disco Diva' so i had fun imaging myself on a dancefloor. The resultant look isn't quite full Studio 54 and definitely not the Hacienda (where i spent a lot of my youth), more like a kind of Tokyo Jo's or Legends nightclub kind of place, trashy like me.

Fancy a boogie?
shaking my tush
Note - handbag being danced around!
some dodgy moves going on there
i do love this bikini top, it's one of my faves
Disco diva?
Maybe i should wear this next time i do some gardening😀?

Owner also made this great little video montage of me at the disco, complete with soundtrack. She is really very talented.

Music: Extract from “Let’s Dance”, by Alex Stoner,, used under freeCC

The photoshoot was great fun to do although i suspect i will wake up covered in glitter for days to come! Next weekend's shoot has the theme 'Sleeping Beauty' - so you will get to see me in one or two of my nighties. Yep, the nightmare never ends.

Stay safe and stay sane everybody