Owner has not been well the past week and so She has not yet had an opportunity to take Her new strapon (see previous post) for a test 'ride'. i have been doing my best to try and look after Her and the good news is that She does seem to be starting to recover. However, although not feeling well Owner took the opportunity to complete Her review of my recent performance which in general She has stated She is happy with. However, obviously there are also aspects that need improvement and this in-turn led onto the following additional list of activities/actions that Owner expects from me, specifically;

  • i am expected to preform or undertake more random 'tasks/challenges' which Owner will directly or indirectly instruct me to complete in Her presence or on my own. If the latter Owner will require video evidence that i have completed the task/challenge as instructed by Her
  • i am to compose a new sentence in Spanish each day and write it up for Her on our kitchen blackboard for Her to check
  • now that i am working more and more from home i am to commence a new daily exercise regime to keep fit with Owner specifying what exercises She would like me to do and to start doing joint exercises with Owner
  • i am to re-instate my old greeting ritual to greet Owner when i am working from home and She returns from work (it had been suspended a year ago because of concerns about my back)
  • i am to produce a monthly review for Owner highlighting areas where i feel i have done well over the past month and areas in which i feel i need to further improve or have performed badly
  • i am to incorporate dildo/toy cleaning into my cleaning rota to make sure they are always kept dust free and spotless
i am very grateful to Owner for having set out some additional ways in which i can improve.

This week has also been a bitterly cold one in London (as has also been the case across much of the UK and Northern Europe). However, always one to spot an opportunity the return of winter provided Owner with an opportunity to have me undertake another park challenge. This time i was to accompany Owner to our local park naked save for my chastity device, suspenders and over-the-knee socks, winter coat and woolly hat. When there i was to attach nipple clamps and then walk around the park with Owner whilst my titties were clamped and pert (a fact heightened by the icy blast that wafted up from the bottom of the jacket) before removing them after one circuit had been completed and returning home with Owner. Here i am getting ready to head out:
and then in the park;
ever the exhibitionist little tart!