One of the challenges Owner set me as part of my ongoing development was to start publishing 'erotic' short stories. i posted my first attempt at such a story on this blog a few months ago and i am pleased to say that it is now available to also buy online as an e-book short story. i published it on and the the story can also be downloaded from Amazon, Kobo and Lybrary at present. Of course you can read it here for free but if you do purchase it (and it costs less than $1) any monies received go to Owner (not me) - so it is going to a good cause :)

This weekend i also registered to sit the Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extrajenera (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language - DELE) exam in late November. i will be sitting the entry level exam. Those that have followed this blog for a while will know that Owner is Spanish but whilst Her English is excellent (better than mine) my Spanish was none-existent. In fact, although i am reasonably well educated (i have a PhD) languages have always been an utter disaster for me and i have no language qualifications at all and have never had the confidence to even try to sit a language exam. Well, all that will soon be changing because part of my training and development as Her submissive and more recently as Her wife has also been an expectation that i will study and learn Spanish and prepare for a DELE exam. Though i will only be sitting the basic level this really is a big deal for me as anyone who knows me will know what a struggle i have found learning any language to be (and in the past i have also tried French and German). There is, of course, no guarantee i will pass but even to have got to the point where i feel confident enough to pay to sit a language exam is quite a milestone for me. i know i will never become proficient in Spanish but hopefully i can at least get a basic qualification.

Meanwhile, talking of starting somewhere, on Saturday morning Owner demanded that i lick Her arse whilst She masturbated Herself to an orgasm. i was out of chastity and She also instructed that i make my clitty hard as my tongue probed deep inside Her delicious anus. It was a wonderful way to start the day - licking Owners arse is, in my view, both a privilege and an honour as well as being exquisitely delicious. But to do so and be made to make oneself hard but not permitted any form of release was pure torment, it was wonderful! It has now been 37 days since my last orgasm and i can honestly say that there is nothing i crave more than the opportunity to continue to pleasure Owner whilst i am kept denied myself (either in chastity or out). To be kept aroused and horny but frustrated and denied is to be very happy indeed!

Later in the day Owner and i headed into town and visited a fantastic bead and charm shop, called Beadworks, near Covent Garden for me to purchase some materials with which to start making some more jewellery. Owners plan is that i am eventually to make enough jewellery for me to open a little shop on Etsy. i have made Her a couple of small items (earrings and a bracelet) but i think i have quite a way to go before i am ready to open an emporium to the world! :)

Last, i also have to report that during our recent visit to Edinburgh i again broke one of the rules i should always adhere to, specifically i ordered an alcoholic drink without having Owners permission to do so. This is the second time i have broken this rule - something we both know is completely unacceptable. Owner should expect Her wife to be behaving as She ought to be at all times and to only drink alcohol if and when Owner has permitted it.

Owner was justifiably upset and demanded that i show Her that i was committed to changing my ways and to ensuring that i never break this rule in future. Specifically, She stipulated that i provide Her with a written commitment that showed contrite i was and which showed that i was serious about never again breaking this rule (you may recall i also broke it back in July when we visited my fathers). To prove to Owner how serious i was i tried to think of something that i considered would be a severe punishment, something that i would really hate to have to do and which would demonstrate my determination to never let it happen again. i am pleased to say that the suggestion was accepted by Owner. Therefore, if i ever have another alcoholic drink again in my life without Her having first granted explicit permission to do so i will not be permitted to wear makeup or a skirt for a period of three months as punishment. A second offence will double the duration of this punishment, a third triple it and so forth. i sincerely hope my lesson has been learnt and that Owner never has cause to enforce such punishments in future.


dave smith said...

good luck on the exam!

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Dave, much appreciated!


Mistress Marie said...

I am sure you will do great on the exam. And if not, well you can study more and try again till you succeed. Making the effort is I am sure the most important thing to your owner.

As for your naughtiness I am a bit surprised you have slipped up again especially considering the part where you can't even ask if you can order alcohol was your suggestion when you were first slipping and forgetting to ask her. If I recall correctly you then asked her to modify it to where you were no longer allowed to ask and had to wait for your owner to offer it. I can semi understand the slip before this one as you were in an awkward situation which perhaps could be handled better going forward with a simple text to your owner that everyone is drinking and expecting you to without actually asking her but rather informing her of the situation you are in. I find subby slaves don't always think fast enough when put on the spot as David has done similar things when put on the spot. As for ordering alcohol right in front of your Owner without not only asking which was your original rule before you pleaded with her to change it but just blatantly doing it, I can imagine how let down she felt. You will do better. I've no doubt about that. You definitely wont want to subject yourself to your own punishment. Just bear in mind that youve pleaded with owner to keep you in orgasm denial till the end of the year, which is a push for you both since she enioys you cumming that you'll want to be very diligent in adhering to your rules especially when asking her to humor you with something you want to experience with her. That's my advice for today. Good luck. Thanks for the well wishes.

Happy pet said...

Hi Mistress Marie - first let me say how pleased i am to hear that your operation has gone well and i hope that you have a speedy recovery. In terms of the substantive point you make though in your comment, you are of course right. It was something i had first suggested and, since doing so, have not been too successful at ensuring i deliver. However, i do think i have become better and am determined to not let this happen again. So far so good, there has been no recurrence and we have been out a few times since, including with members of my family. However, it should not have happened in the first instance and i am determined to make sure it doesn't again...Owner deserves better.