Today is the day of my monthly outdoor dice challenge and this time it took me to one of our local supermarkets for a bit of a wander around the fast emptying shopping ailes in the gorgeous high heels Owner bought me for my birthday. With Coronavirus ravaging the continent and fast spreading in the UK supermarkets have been in the news quite a bit of late with reports of shoppers panic buying essentials. So it felt quite weirdly appropriate that when, under Owners' supervision, i rolled the outdoor challenge dice late yesterday the first dice, stipulating the location of the challenge, landed on 'supermarket'. The next question was what would i have to wear? The second dice swiftly answered that, i was to wear trousers and high heels.

As today is a working day i suggested to Owner that i wear a pair of my women's suit trousers matched with a blouse and my bright red slut heels to complete my challenge. Owner approved of my choice. i elected not to wear stockings so that i might show off my brightly painted toenails and my ankle tattoo.

It is about a 10 minute walk to the supermarket from where we live. Owner instructed that i was to be careful not to fall over whilst getting there and to only change into my heels when i was close to the supermarket. So this is what i did. The supermarket is on one of the main roads into London but there is a new housing development near it that has just been built which provided an opportunity to scoot into a side alley and change into my heels before setting off. i teetered rather carefully on my platform heels across the busy main road and into the store.

The store was busy with shoppers and many of the shelves were completely empty of stock as people have been stocking up on supplies in an expectation that the UK will follow Italy and Spain and elsewhere in Europe that is going into lockdown. Nevertheless, i was able to find some essentials to purchase, pose for a few selfies (see below) then join the queue and pay for my purchases, leave the store and head back home. i elected to walk part of the way back in my heels before changing out of them about halfway back. Before i did i got shouted at by a van driver who leaned out of his cab to film me on his phone as i teetered along with my shopping. i have no idea what he was saying, i had my earphones in listening to music, other than he appeared to be desribing me as 'sister' - he was behind me at that point, i think from the front it's very obvious that i am not a girl!

Anyway, it was slightly nerve-wracking but great fun to do the challenge and Owner expressed Her satisfaction at how i got on. i have no idea when or whether i might be able to do the next one, which is scheduled for mid-April, i guess it will depend on whether the UK has joined others and is in full lockdown by then. Here are some photos from my little outing:
in the half emptied supermarket with my shopping and heels

just after changing into my heels in a sidestreet
opposite the supermarket waiting to cross the road
in the store
with my shopping bag, heading home
Talking of lockdowns, today marks the 60th day i have been kept in continous chastity this year and tomorrow will be the 450th day since my last orgasm. Being denied for so long is quite an amazing journey. It's odd, i genuinely no longer have any desire to orgasm again - infact were i to be made to by Owner i would probably feel a sense of slight disappointment at my period of denial coming to an end - and yet i also get waves of feeling intensely horny. The slightest thing can arouse and excite me, especially mentally, and my cravings to be treated like, and be seen as, a slut become stronger every day.

In the meantime i have also been kept on my toes at home by Owners' household dice and have been clamped, gagged, plugged etc whilst performing a variety of my household tasks. Unfortunately, however, Owner has also had cause to voice Her displeasure at the standard of some of my household cleaning (i swear She can see things i can't - maybe i should be wearing my glasses when i clean!). i was lucky to have just 'got away' with a verbal dressing-down from Her and not a physical punishment. If we do end up being locked down at home due to Coronavirus - as seems more than likely - i can well imagine Owner using the opportunity to enforce the very highest standards in household cleanliness.

Stay safe everyone, especially readers and followers in Italy and Spain who i know are enduring very hard times at the moment.

[EDIT] - since drafting this the Prime Minister has announced we are going into a sort of voluntary lockdown


Edwin Verrips said...

Please take care.

Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks Evy and you too


Sissy priscilla said...

Hi Bobby,

You look so confident in those heels. It must have been nerve-racking entering a busy supermarket wearing such feminine shoes but you look so relaxed in your photographs. Such a pity that you did not hear the comments of the driver as he passed, but I suspect that he was complimenting your pretty legs. Are you wearing a bra under that cute blouse? Unfortunately it is not easy to see your painted toenails and the pictures you show.

I am sure that Owner is very proud of you and the way that your sissiness is steadily increasing. She may punish you, but it is an act of love as She wants you to be the most perfect sissy for her. I am sure that, even though gagged and plugged, you work with real diligence at keeping the home spotless.

Keep up the good work, and pleas let us have many more of your blog reports.

Big hugs, Purcella

Sissy priscilla said...

Whoops, sorry, I dictated the last message and predictive got Poppy as Bobby. Sorry

Poppet Subslut said...

Thank you priscilla and, yes i was wearing a bra under the blouse, a little padded one. i always wear one these days. Thank you for the lovely feedback and stay safe.


Kaaren Sissy said...

We're just entering lockdown here in NY state....most of the cases are in NYC and the rest aren't anywhere near us....
But we'll get through it....after all the horrible shit that I've lived through I'll be damned if a virus from a Chinese market will take me out!!!!!
Stay well sweet Pet and keep smiling....I look forward to the day you can meet us at Heathrow!!!!!

Poppet Subslut said...

Thanks Kaaren and you too! Would be lovely to meet up at Heathrow or JFK one day. Take care, stay safe and keep being the lovely person you are