This weekend is barely 3/4 of the way through and it is already turning into a little classic. Yesterday Owner and i were once again out and about in town on a mission to complete another of my outdoor dildo deep-throat challenges. This time our objective was to have me perform in front of the 'Gherkin' building in London's financial heart. Personally i think the building looks more like a dildo than a gherkin - but then i guess my mind is wired slightly differently than some of my fellow citizens of this great city. Anyway, enough of my ramblings here you can see how i got on:

the Gherkin - or is it a dildo?
i say, what is that person doing?
oh i see, enjoying a big cock
Our photographic mission completed we then retired to one of our favourite hostelries for a couple of drinks and to people watch (one of our favourite activities) and gossip.

This morning saw me being tied up naked to a chair in our lounge wearing nothing except a pair of red heeled shoes. Owner then proceeded to abuse my titties and my unlocked clitty, using the latter as a sex toy to pleasure Herself with after first having delivered 30 spankings to my exposed 'bits' for the pleasure of being allowed to sniff Her used and aromatic knickers. Having satiated Her desires and left me with aching bits Owner then did something i have long fantasised about, we have often discussed but never, until now done. Yes, Owner had me swallow Her delicious urine - or more specifically She peed into a plastic bottle and then squirted some of the contents into my mouth, after i had swallowed the first, mouthful She then filled my mouth up again and then again for one final time.

i loved having the opportunity to be allowed to drink Owners wonderful wine and She seemed to equally enjoy having me drink from Her 'cup'. After providing me with Her light refreshments Owner then tightly bound my clitty and teased and caressed it before then permitting me to cum like a slut as i sat helplessly tied in the chair. It was a really wonderful way to start our Sunday. Here are a couple of photos.

Owner and i have just returned from our short trip to Munich and Bavaria. We both had a great time and i ate lots of sausages and we both enjoyed 'sampling' the local beer :). We were both quite impressed by Munich and also enjoyed a trip out to Hohenschwangua to see Hohenschwangua and Neuschwanstein castles.

Of course, there was also time for a small amount of posing by me on the trip as well (although we both completely forgot to have me wear my princess crown when we visited the castles - only remembering on the way back when it was too late). Anyway, you can see a selection of photos from the trip below.

First some 'tourist' shots:
Marienplatz - Central Munich

English Garden - Central Munich
Petersplatz - Central Munich
Inside The Residenz - Central Munich
Hohenschwangua Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle
Then of me posing
Trying to look 'elegant' in the Residenz
Posing like a tart
Showing off my new 'Kiss Me Deadly' cincher - one of my birthday presents from Owner
We returned early this week and i was then lucky enough to be able to get the tattoo done that Owner had chosen for me for my birthday present. We are both really thrilled with it . The tattoo was done at Tattoo A Go Go near Liverpool Street station in London and i would recommend it to others. It obviously still needs to heal but this is what it looked like a few hours after the tattooist had finished her work
just after removing the protective wrap - you can see the pink infill on the design more clearly on this picture
tattoo close-up though the pink is less obvious in this photo
As Owner says, i now have my own princesses crown! We're both really pleased with the result.
On Sunday Owner and i paid a visit to Canary Wharf in London's docklands to do a spot of shopping and also provide an opportunity for me to complete one of the public challenges She has set me, namely to 'complete a deep-throat photographic challenge somewhere in Canary Wharf'. This post is just a quick update to show how i got on.

After stopping first for a spot of light refreshments;

It was then time to move onto the main task in hand, namely me being photographed with a nice big artificial cock in my mouth.

It proved to be quite an entertaining exercise as we sought to snatch opportunities in between the passing pedestrians and cyclists for me to demonstrate what a cock-sucking little slut i am. You can judge for yourself how i got on in the pictures below but Owner announced that She was pleased with how i got on;

looking a little nervous as i prepare to start
forcing that cock in as the wind blows
i have a couple more such public cock sucking challenges that i need to complete for Owner, i can't wait!

Challenge completed we then headed back home but not before spending a bit of time having fun with some of the interactive audio-visual art installations that have been set-up at Canary Wharf. Essentially, they allow you to interact with the work to create your own work. This is me interacting with one of the installations

This morning Owner sprang a wonderful surprise on me. Next week marks my 45th birthday and Owner and i will be celebrating it with a little trip to Munich and Bavaria. However, Owner suddenly announced that She had three additional ideas for presents for me and that i had to choose which one i would like.

Owners' first suggestion was for me to be taken out to dinner by Her to somewhere special, Her second that She book us both into a night at a hotel somewhere in London or nearby and Her third was that She get me a new tattoo. i confess that Owner hadn't even finished saying the word 'tattoo' when i already knew that was what i would most like. i currently have five tattoos, three of which were all done in the nearly ten years we have been together and which are all designs She chose, each of which is symbolic of an aspect of our relationship.On one hip i have an old-fashioned 'skeleton' key - which symbolises my chastity and Owners control, on the opposite hip i have a serpent which forms the shape of the initial of Owners first name and on my shoulder i have a large cat (no it is not a reference to the size if my 'pussy'!) which symbolises my status as Owners 'pet' - or Her 'fluffy pet' to be more precises! i instantly leapt at the opportunity to acquire an additional mark of Her choosing.

Recently, Owner has taken to describing and calling me as Her 'princess' - something which is very flattering. Owners choice of the new tattoo i will be getting reflects this perfectly in that She has chosen a princess crown design for me to have done on my ankle. The crown is even pink! You can see the design She has chosen below;

i am really thrilled and excited at the prospect of soon being adorned by my very own princess crown! i think this is such a wonderful idea for  a design and i cannot wait to be able to be once again permanently marked by Owner and with a design that so perfectly encapsulates who i have become. We have already contacted the tattoo parlor and hopefully i will be getting inked the week after next.

Why leave it until the week after next i hear you ask? Well, next week we are heading off to Munich for my birthday. Whilst we are there we will also hopefully pay a visit to the fairytale castle created by King Ludvig II of Bavaria - Schloss Neuschwanstein

This is the castle which Disney famously modeled his sleeping beauty castle on, in that sense it is a castle perfectly suited for a princess. i couldn't think of a more appropriate place to go :)

i love the fact that Owner thinks of me as being Her 'princess' as well as Her 'slut' or Her 'whore' and i can't wait to be able to show the world what a little (ageing) pink princess i am!
Owner has hit upon a great idea for an activity that we can both do together and which will also help to trim my waist (which has expanded a little). i confess it is not something i would have ever thought of before but as soon as She mentioned it it got me very excited - primarily at the thought of what outfit i might be able to wear! So what is this activity you ask? Well, hopefully in the not too distant future we will both be enrolling in Hula Hoop classes! Apparently, Owner used to hula quite a bit as a child. i remember giving it a go once or twice but don't recall ever having my own hoops whereas Owner did. Hopefully it will also help to trim down my waistline a bit which, as you can see from this picture Owner took yesterday of me just after my shower, needs some work to get rid of my 'love handles':)

Hopefully, hula will do the trick. i will update how we get on.

Yesterday also presented an opportunity to complete one of my dildo challenges that Owner has set me as part of my development. The challenge is that before the 1st April i must deep-throat  dildo in a number of public locations, some inside, some outside. Well, yesterday i attempted the deep-throat in a pub toilet challenge. At first i was a little shy and just fellated the dildo in the cubicle that i was in (if you are regularly kept in chastity as i am you will know that you can only pee sitting down - hence needing to use a cubicle as that is where the proper toilets are)
deep-throating in the toilet cubicle
However, i realised that that wasn't exactly a difficult challenge as, locked inside the cubicle there was no real risk of being disturbed. Far more challenging would be to deep-throat the dildo in the main urinal area where anyone could walk in at any moment. So i plucked up the courage, left the safety of the cubicle and pleasured the dildo in public like a slut
On returning to Owner with the photographic evidence She declared Herself pleased with my efforts and we returned to the main task at hand, gossipping and people watching in the pub.

The next dildo challenges will be less easy as, with the exception of one in a shop changing room, the rest are all outdoors or in front of one or two London landmarks.
First let me wish everyone a very happy, kinky and prosperous 2015. i hope that all of your dreams and fantasies may come true and that this year is a truly special one for you all. Owner and i had a really terrific New Years eve which culminated in me draped across a car in central London with my skirt hitched up and flashing my panties

and that was before midnight! New Years Day morning was spent, in part, with me bent over a hotel bed whilst Owner fucked me with Her strapon. Yep, it has definitely been a New Year to remember :)

As we had both had to spend Xmas apart this year we were determined to ensure we spent New Years Eve together. However, we also decided that a bit of decadence might be in order and so we booked ourselves into a hotel in Central London (rather than spend the night in our flat in London) next to the Barbican. Our plan for the evening was to have a drink and a meal in an adjoining gastro-pub, then go the the Barbican to watch their Viennese New Years eve (Strauss inspired) concert and then have a little late night fun.

As we were going to a concert i opted to wear a new blouse and jacket that i hadn't yet found an occasion to wear. The bra i was wearing had a pink bow on the front which the blouse occasionally 'flashed' during the evening. The following are some pictures Owner took in the pub and then at the concert;

propping up the bar
the bow of my bra saying hello
and me flashing my bra's bow
The concert was excellent and was one i would definitely recommend to others spending a New Years eve in London (they also do one on New Years day).

Concert over we headed back to the hotel where Owner organised a little photoshoot of me in our hotel room;

However, this was just he prelude to he 'main event'. My special News Years eve treat from Owner was the opportunity to wear and pose in the same outfit in the streets next to the Barbican centre in central London. i was nervous and thrilled as, though i am an exhibitionist i can also get a little shy at times. However, we were both really pleased with the outcome. Owner took some photos and also a short video of my little night-time 'reveal'.
all set and ready to head down to reception
posing in the street
being my exhibitionist self

It was wonderful and left me quite excited, though i think i need to practice my 'sexy' walk a bit! :)

The following morning after breakfast was a truly wonderful start to the New Year. Owner started to caress and play with me and then, after making sure that She had made them suitably moist and aromatic, She removed Her knickers and placed them over my head so that the pungent crutch was right over my nose. One of Owners new rules is that i will now always receive 30 strikes on my clitty whenever i am permitted by Her to sniff Her used panties. Over Christmas She bought a wonderful leather fly-swat which is ideal for such a purpose. She then spent time tormenting my titties and spanking my exposed (and un-chastised) clitty with Her new toy.

After delivering Her thirty strikes to my bits Owner then strapped Herself into Her big red vibrating 8inch strapon cock and had me fellate it for Her as She watched before then turning around and presenting Her glorious arsehole to me for me to lick and probe with my tongue. Only once i had properly explored and tasted Her did Sh instruct me to stop and bend across the bed where She then slipped Her cock into my pussy, switched on the vibrations and fucked me hard until She came. After climaxing Herself Owner then continued to fuck my pussy whilst She reached around and began to masturbate my little clitty. Of course, it wasn't long before i too was at the point of no return and Owner graciously permitted me to 'cum like a whore' - which of course i immediately did!

As you can see, it was a wonderful end to the old year and start to the new. i know that Owner expects much of me this year as i endeavour to continue to develop and grow as Her ideal slut and wife. Later this year we will also celebrate our tenth anniversary together. i can think of no one on earth whom i would rather spend my life with than Her.