On Thursday, it being the 11th day of the month, i got to roll the monthly chastity dice once again to see whether or not i might be released? And the answer......no, i am to remain locked for at least another TWO months. That means no further chance of release until September the 11th when the dice will be rolled again (Note to self - i must remember to bring the dice on holiday with us as we will in the middle of a two week holiday on that date).

This means that when the dice is next rolled i will have been locked for over 100 days. i don't know if that will be a record for me or not, if not it will be close to being one. It also means that i will, most likely, by then have gone over 250 days without an orgasm. Yesterday i passed the two hundred day mark. Two hundred days of feeling happily, hornily, frustrated.

Thursday night i also received a caning for having worked away from home during as i had to attend a meeting. You can see my bottom was looking a little 'stripey' as a consequence and i can confirm that it felt rather warm afterwards :)
Striped butt
However, i did not get to think about it for long as i was then bound and gagged for an hour whilst we watched a TV episode as a punishment for having gone into work for my job interview the day before. At the end of the hour my mouth was leaking freely from the cock gag that had been in my mouth the whole time.

i worked from home yesterday and the dice determined that i needed to deep-throat a dildo every hour for three hours. i enjoy deep-throating and i think i have got much better at it with practice

On your marks, get set...
In the evening Owner took me out for some drinks and a meal to celebrate my promotion at work. How lucky i am.
Well today has been an interesting day! This morning i was interviewed for a promotion at work and then this afternoon it was time for me to get the tattoo done that Owner had designed for me. i went to a studio called Velvet Underground tattoos. i have not been to this one before. It is in East London near the Barbican Centre and it is an all female tattooist studio.

Outside the tattoo studio
i was done by Emily and i think she has done a great job as does Owner. Here is me with my bandage over my new tattoo and then with the bandage part-removed.

my new petunio tattoo
And yes, i was tattooed whilst just wearing my spotty Victoria's Secret knickers (having needed to remove my trousers) and in chastity! The whole process took about 40 minutes and Owner and i are really delighted with the result.

Oh, and on the way home i got a call to say i have got the promotion.

Quite a day. And tomorrow marks another milestone as it's chastity dice day and will also be the 200th day spent without having had an orgasm. July is proving to be quite a month already.

Meanwhile, as a consequence of working away from home two days on the trot i will be bound and gagged for the duration of a an episode of TV series we are watching. It lasts about an hour. i was gagged the other day for the same reason and same length of time. i was drooling a bit by the end :)
Owner and i have just returned form a lovely short break to Derry in Northern Ireland. We had a great time exploring the city walls and just wandering around this small but compact city on the banks of the River Foyle. Sadly you do not have to go far in Derry to be reminded of its recent bloody past and evidence of the old sectarian divisions are still apparent in different parts of the city between rival Unionist and Republican communities. That said, much has also been done to challenge and overcome past divisions and there is a lot more to the city than its recent turbulent past. We also took a train trip out to the small coastal town of Castlerock with its golden beaches and pretty cliffs.

Everwhere we went people were super friendly and welcoming, we definitely hope to return one day.
enjoying lunch in a cafe in Derry
Entering the Bogside in Derry
Bogside mural depicting events from Bloody Sunday
The peace bridge in Derry
As is often the case when we are staying in a hotel Owner also used the opportunity to do a small photo shoot of Her 'pet'. Our room had a large bay window which overlooked one of the main streets in Derry. In front of the window was an inviting chaise lounge. It was, quite simply, too good an opportunity to pose for photos. Our room was overlooked from across the road where we could see people working in an office. i hope the photo shoot did not distract them.

posing in full view of the offices opposite

 Whilst we were away Owner fucked me twice, Friday and Saturday morning. On Friday after breakfast She spanked my chastised clit and then sat on my 'plums' (testicles) as She likes to call them and pleasured Herself with Her vibrator whilst grinding down on my tight little plums as my clit strained in its cage. Next She repositioned Herself and moved up my body to sit on my face and continued to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator whilst yours truly had the privilege of licking Her delicious arsehole with my tongue until She came. Owner then paused briefly before lubricating my pussy and inserting first one, then another and then another finger inside me until all Her fingers were sunk in my pussy. Then She proceeded to pump my pussy with Her hand as She again pleasured Herself with Her vibrator until She was spent. It was wonderful and She left me joyously aroused yet frustrated.

The next morning, after breakfast, we returned to bed where Owner wrapped Her panties around my head so that the crotch was just under my nose, allowing me to inhale Her divine scent and gagged me with the cock gag. Owner then rode my gagged face with Her crotch whilst She pleasured Herself once more to an orgasm. As She came She pushed down hard with Her hips, forcing the dildo gag further down my throat. It was wonderful to be throat fucked by the gag like this whilst She pleasured Herself above. Then, still gagged, Owner put me on all fours and fucked me with Her vibrating strap-on before collapsing on top of me when She had had Her fill. My little clit glistened with pre-cum inside its cage but was again denied any opportunity for release.

It is now almost 200 days since my last orgasm and i love the constant sense of frustrated denial that i am kept in whilst having the opportunity to pleasure Her and help bring Her to orgasm.

The whole trip was wonderfully relaxed and uneventful. i wore my bra and make-up without anything untoward happening. The only minor incident that occurred was as we were leaving Derry airport. i had removed my metal chastity cage and replaced it with the plastic Holy Trainer device to pass through security. However, my bracelet triggered the alarm and the security staff asked me to remove my shoes and searched my bag. i had no socks on and so padded through security in my bare feet with my pink painted toe nails. The security agent took everything out of my rucksack to check inside, including the little transparent bag that the 'Holy Trainer' comes in and which has 'Holy Trainer Male Chastity Device' emblazoned on it and which contained the metal chastity cage that i had just taken off to replace temporarily with the plastic Holy Trainer device. i need not have bothered as i was rumbled after all anyway. The security agent did not say a word to me as he looked at the bag with the device inside and neither did i :)
Owner and i are heading away for a long weekend to Northern Ireland which means it is a shorter work week for us. However, i have had to work away from home on two occasions this week and so have had to be punished by Owner. The form of punishment i received was determined by the new 'working away from home' dice which She has introduced to encourage me to work from home, where i belong.

One of these two punishments will be completed when we return from our trip and will involve me being gagged for the duration of a TV series we both watch - about an hour - whilst we watch it. However, the second punishment was administered last night and comprised another 100 strikes from Her favourite leather paddle. Owner administered it during the World Cup half-time break. Once again it made quite an impact and left me with red and sore bottom.

This morning Owner declared how much She is enjoying these new punishments. She has also decided that discipline should  be used again as a learning aide to further my Spanish language learning. Years ago Owner used to regularly test me on how well i was doing with Spanish and then punish me if i was not doing well (i should say here that languages really are not my strong point). Anyway, i then had a period of ill-health and these study punishments ceased. That was a few years ago. Owner has now decided that She will re-start testing my Spanish and that i can expect to be punished for errors or mistakes.

So it looks like discipline and punishments will be playing a bigger part in my life from now on.
This weekend has been quite hot, although not as hot as it seems to have been in mainland Europe. Owner is not a big fan of the heat at the best of times and She was not feeling too great and so Saturday was spent indoors doing as little as possible. We watched the World Cup matches together and i did my exercises and some housework but essentially it was a very sedentary day.

Today, however, the weather was a little cooler and so after completing my morning exercises we decided to head out to Canary Wharf for lunch and a little bit of retail therapy. Owner chose my outfit for the day.
Owner loves my panda t-shirt
In the roof garden above Canary Wharf station
We headed first to the restaurant for lunch. As usual Owner chose my meal and drink for me. After eating we then headed to the shops. There were a few sales on and it proved to be my lucky day as Owner bought me a lovely pair of ripped denim shorts and a spotty sleeveless top in Zara as well as another top for Herself.

Shopping completed we returned home and settled down to watch an episode of Billions together. Well, sort of together as i was tied to a chair to watch it. My being tied to the chair for an episode resulted from me having gone into the office one day last week and it being the 'punishment' that the working away from home dice had determined. It required that i be tied to a chair when watching a TV episode with Owner and this was the first one we had watched together since. Owner did a very thorough job of tying me up
All tied-up

Incidentally, one of the main characters in Billions has a Femdom relationship with his wife so it was rather appropriate that i should be watching the episode whilst suitably restrained!

Some readers may have wondered whatever happened to the rewards scheme that Owner instigated a few weeks back in which i could earn tokens and then exchange them for 'treats'; such as glasses of Owners delicious urine or the opportunity to deep throat a dildo in public (amongst other things). Well, Owner established a very high bar for these rewards and up until this weekend She adjudged that i had not completed any of the tasks for which tokens could be earned to a sufficiently high standard to warrant me earning any tokens. Each day i have stared forlornly at the little pile of 'tokens' to be earned that sit on our coffee table and the pink piggy bank in which successfully earned tokens would be deposited. That piggy bank has stayed depressingly empty for weeks. Empty that is until today. This weekend Owner decided that i had done enough to be rewarded with one token. Not enough to receive any kind of 'treat' but at least it is a start! You can see the piggy bank with the solitary token inside next to the pile of yet to be earned tokens next to it. i am clearly going to have to up my game if i want to earn some more tokens quickly - which i do!
my reward piggy bank with one token inside and a pile of tokens waiting to be earned behind
Today i was working from home. This meant i needed to roll one of the home working dice. However, this time rather than needing to complete a dice determined challenge or task at home i instead had to undertake an outdoor one. This was because after every fourth occasion in which i am working from home i have to roll the special 'outdoor challenge' dice. This gets rolled less frequently but always creates a moment of high tension as it spins across the floor. What will i have to do? This time it came to rest with the instruction 'Walk in high heels to bus stop (video)'.

This is one of the more challenging tasks Owner has loaded that dice with. It requires that i leave our flat and walk to the bus stop in high heels and record the whole challenge on video to demonstrate that i have completed it.

Well, today was a nice sunny day, the perfect day to head outside for a walk. Also it being a Friday, also meant that i would be wearing one of my dress-down Friday home-working outfits i.e. i would be dressed a little more casually than any day of the working week. So, how did i get on? Well, you can be the judge of that.

This is me just as i was about to leave the flat and head outside
All set to walk to the bus stop
I was a little nervous as i prepared to undertake the challenge, Would i bump into our neighbour? i had heard her leave the flat earlier in the morning but had not yet heard her return. She might at any minute. Would there be many other people about? Where we live there is always bound to be somebody you will see. Would a busload of people pass me? i was, after all, walking to the bus stop. The buses are pretty frequent, every fifteen minutes or so. The chances were high that one could pass at any moment. Perhaps one would arrive at the bus stop as the same time i did. So many questions went through my mind as i prepared to set off. i confess i had a slight case of the butterflies in my stomach. Anyway, enough of my rambling. The video below shows how i got on, from the moment i opened the door to the moment i returned.

i sent the video to Owner who pronounced Herself was pleased with how well i had documented my challenge. i was really thrilled to have completed it to. Each time i do something like this makes the next time that much easier. i think i am gradually becoming less self-conscious and more confident. One of Owner's core expectations of me as Her wife is that i;

Look sexy and desirable
Be ready to follow orders
Behave like a whore when requested
Able to endure pain and humiliation

The dice are proving to be a great way of having me demonstrate my unconditional willingness to demonstrate some of these characteristics.

Incidentally, little did those people who saw me on my brief walk know that underneath my skirt and top i was wearing this
nude hold-ups, red knickers and cream bra
 Hope all our readers are well and wishing you all a lovely weekend
Well today i was working away from home (giving a presentation to be precise) and so that meant that today was the first day the 4th and most recent of Owners' dice came into play. This is the one that determines what will happen to me as a consequence of not working from home where Owner likes me to be.

The result? Well i was spanked 100 times using Her favourite leather paddle. The spanking occurred shortly after i had made dinner, washed up and finished my evening chores. The paddle warmed my bottom up nicely (i can feel it glowing as i sit and type). Owner took this picture just after She had administered my spanking.

pink bottom with Owner's favourite paddle - nicknamed 'gatuno'
Tomorrow i am having to work away from home again and so the dice has already been rolled to determine what consequence that will result in for me. The answer is that the next time we watch an episode of a TV series i will do so tied to the chair.

Owner has declared that She is already enjoying this new dice!
Yesterday i had my weekly supervised shower which is when my chastity device gets unlocked for a few brief minutes and my clit and cage are scrubbed clean with a nail brush before everything gets securely locked away again for another week. This time, however, Owner declared that She would like me to remain unlocked for a little while as it had been a long time since She had last had the opportunity to properly see and tease my clit.

Thus it was that for a short period my clit stayed cage free and got to experience the unfamiliar sensation of being touched. Normally the only physical contact it gets when it is in chastity are via the bristles of the nail brush used to give it a weekly scrub. Thus, the delicate touch of Owners fingers, if only briefly, was quite a delight.

Owner did not seek to stimulate or arouse my clit in any way, She simply touched and casually caressed it whilst we watch the Sweden vs Canada world cup football match. The period of release from chastity was a brief one and i am once more locked up. Meanwhile, my 2019 orgasm drought continues. It has been over 180 days since i last orgasmed (just before Christmas 2018). The longer i am kept in denial this way the hornier i become but equally the less i want to ever again be allowed to cum again. i don't miss or crave having an orgasm, in fact all that i genuinely do miss is the taste of is semen. What i love is the experience of sustained denial. i have no idea when or if it might end, That decision is Owner's. However, i am eternally grateful to Her for having had the opportunity to experience 183 days and counting of happy, frustrated denial.

Back to today, however. Once again i have been working from home and so once again the dice determined what task or activity i might have to do. This time chance determined that i would have to clamp my nipples, attach 20 clamps to my (freshly locked) clit and then spank it 50 times. Owner is keen that i build-up my tolerance of pain and discomfort - in Her words to be a little less 'fluffy' - and so i sought to ratchet up the pain and discomfort a little.

i attached our 'Tower of Pain' nipple clamps to my breasts and then attached 20 clamps to my clit (a combination of 10 plastic electricians clamps and 10 mini-metal clothes pegs) before then spanking my clamped clit 50 times with a wooden spoon. Owner seemed pleased by efforts to challenge my pain/discomfort thresholds. You can see how i got on below;
breasts stretched with tower of pain clamps

After that it was time to dress for another day of working from home. The first picture below is what i wore at home today, the second is what i wore yesterday - which was also the day we received our supermarket delivery and so this is the sight the delivery driver was greeted with. As a rule i find the delivery staff to be much friendlier when i am in a skirt and stockings. Ours is an upstairs flat so they also get an 'upskirt' view as i carry the groceries up into our flat :)

Tomorrow i will be working away from home as i am attending an event for work. Which means tomorrow i will be rolling Owners' new 'working away from home' dice to decide what forfeit or punishment will be coming my way in the evening when i get home.

Regular readers of this blog will know that Owner likes to use dice to decide things such as whether or not i will be released from chastity or what type of task/challenge i need to undertake when working from home. The dice are large blank ones that allow Owner to write on the face of each with the instructions that She has chosen should the dice land on that face.

You will also have read in my last post that recently i have not been able to work from home as often as i would like to. Well, now Owner has introduced a new dice that i will have to roll every working day when i am not working from home i.e. i am in the office or at a conference etc.

The new dice has been loaded with a set of instructions that i need to obey should the dice land on that face when it gets rolled. These new instructions are as follows:

  1. Eat dinner wearing a blindfold
  2. Be gagged for the duration of an episode of a TV series
  3. Be tied to a chair whilst watching an episode of a TV series
  4. Cook dinner wearing only hold-ups and my furry-tailed butt plug
  5. Receive 50 strokes of the cane
  6. Be spanked 100 times using the leather paddle
So, we now have a fourth dice that will be being used whenever i am not working from home. i never knew dice would one day feature so prominently in my life!
Today Owner and i visited the Kiss My Genders exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on London's South Bank. It really is worth visiting if you are in town. Before going to the gallery Owner took me out for a lovely lunch. She chose squid for me and even bought me a cider to go with it. After the main course She then announced that i was also permitted a desert and She chose some delicious ice cream. i mention all of this as Owner deciding what i will eat has become a normal part of our relationship for the past few years. She knows me well and i will eat anything and so it is Her that chooses from the menu for me. More recently this approach has also extended to Her also deciding what i will drink when we go out together. It works well and is just a little example of Owner's control over all aspects of my life.

waiting for Owner to choose my meal
 This past week has been a very busy one work wise. There was not a single day when i was working from home which wasn't much fun, and i have been travelling quite a bit. As a result it has been quite nice just to have a relaxed weekend with Owner. We watched a movie at home yesterday and then went to the exhibition today.

Later i will give Owner a foot massage whilst She watches some of the Football World Cup and then do some ironing and get ready for the week ahead.

i hope to be working from home a few days this coming week. i miss not being able to spend the day in a skirt. They are forecasting a mini-heatwave will hit and so i think it will be a case of wearing as little as possible without shocking the neighbour/delivery people too much if i bump into them - which i often do :)